Catching up with former Bulldog, Kolton Houston

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Catching up with former Bulldog, Kolton Houston

Kolton Houston, University of Georgia offensive lineman 2010-2015
Kolton Houston
University of Georgia offensive lineman 2010-2015



Heading into Saturday’s annual battle with Georgia Tech, I decided it would be neat to catch-up with former Georgia Bulldog, Kolton Houston. Not too many Bulldog letterman can say they beat the Yellow Jackets five times.


Check out what former Georgia coach, Mark Richt had to say about Kolton.


“Kolton understands how to overcome adversity, he might be the most resilient player I’ve ever coached, Richt said. “He was a great team leader and teammate. Kolton’s smart, dependable and loyal.”


I couldn’t agree more with Coach Richt … enjoy this Q&A session between the two of us and BEAT TECH!


1. It’s almost been a year that you have been out of football … do you miss it (and why)?

“There are things I miss and there are other things I don’t miss. What I miss the most is the comradery and the relationships I made along the way. There is something special about being in a locker room with a bunch of guys working towards a goal. The “noise” is something I also miss. Unless you experience it, it’s hard to describe but there is nothing like that surreal noise and loudness a stadium can create on a Saturday night.”


2. What is your initial thoughts about the “real world” and how is it different from playing Division 1 football?

“Fortunately for me, I have not struggled with the “real world” because of two things. Coach Richt did a good job teaching us how to be a man and handle responsibility and my company, Allen, Mooney, & Barnes offers a tremendous work environment. Football taught me to be structured, so I still try to live a structured life style and I believe that helps me in the working world.”


3. You have a big day coming up in the spring of 2017 … talk about your decision to get married to Jaicee at a relatively young age?

“March 18th, 2017, I get to marry my best friend Jaicee Ann. There is no doubt God had our plan laid out for us that cold November night at a bond fire after the Kentucky game. Jaicee and I will be permanent residents and own a piece of St. Simons Island this coming January where we will live and work full time.”


4. Please talk about your current job and where you and Jaicee will be living? Also, please elaborate what do you like about it and what are some of its’ biggest challenges?

“I am very blessed to be able to work for such a great company. I am a licensed Financial Advisor for Allen, Mooney, & Barnes. In January, I will begin working alongside Eric Davis in our office on St. Simons. Eric is an extremely hard working and structured individual and will be a great mentor for me. The best part about my job is the ability to help families. It brings a smile to my face knowing that a client is at ease with their finances because they were proactive and planned for their retirement. One of the things I like most about my company is the team and family atmosphere. As a young Financial Advisor, they provide a tremendous amount of back office support that allows me to miss several hurdles I could have faced if I went elsewhere. When a client decides to do business with me, they don’t just deal with me as their Financial Advisor rather they have our entire team here at AMB to be a part of the relationship and that is extremely valuable for me as a younger Financial Advisor.”


5. Like most folks, I’m sure you have a handful of people who have been great mentors to you over the years … talk about a few of them and exactly what their main contributions were to helping you become the person you are?

“I’ve had several mentors along the way throughout the various stages of my life. My parents are the biggest mentors of my life. They have taught me so many important things and they have also showed me them. To me they are the best mentors one could ask for. Coach T (Joe Tereshinski) taught me how to be a man and that there is no shortcut to hard work. My pastor Dr. James Merritt has helped me realize the importance of my relationship with the lord along with being one of my dearest mentors and friends. Dan Hensley has helped guide me into the professional world alongside being a great friend.”


6. The 2016 season for the Dawgs has seen some struggle, are you surprised by it? And if you still keep up with some current players, how is their morale?

“As a former player, I ask that the Dawg Nation put their trust in the players and coaches. A new program is hard regardless of the talent level the team might have. Rome was not built in a day and I’m extremely proud of the team for their effort.”


7. Beyond football, what did you like most about attending the University of Georgia (and why)?

“Clayton Street and Milledge Avenue, I don’t thing I need to elaborate any more than that.”


8. Some old friends of yours call you and say we are going to Athens this weekend (non football game), what’s in your 36 hour itinerary suggestion?

“I could see us eating at Taqueria Del Sol more than once. I could definitely see us going to crash a pool party at the Station pool. I’m sure you could find us somewhere failing at trying to pretend we are still in college.”


9. The Clean Old Fashioned Hate game (Georgia-Ga Tech) is right around the corner, as a former player talk about the significance of winning that game? And it had to be great to get the W in your final season, right?

“To me, there is no more important game. Fortunately for me, I only lost to the trade school one time in six years and there is nothing worse, believe me. I lost my first senior season but luckily I was given another chance to take that trophy back.”


10. Since you are now an old hack like many of us (living the dream of the daily work grind), do you have any advice to UGA students who will be graduating either in December or in spring?

“Soak it all in. We as humans are always eager for the next step but once you take that next step, you can’t turn around and walk back down the steps.”





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