Co-Defensive Coordinator Will Muschamp offers insight on the Georgia offense

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Co-Defensive Coordinator Will Muschamp offers insight on the Georgia offense

In a press conference with Coach Will Muschamp held on Thursday, the media asked the co-defensive coordinator what it was like going up against Georgia’s offense, specifically the tight ends and starting quarterback Stetson Bennett. Muschamp is entering his 15th season in the SEC having held a variety of defensive coaching roles (as well as a head coaching position), so he’s dealt with many offenses in the past. But because of UGA’s tight end room alone, this situation is a bit different. 

Upon being asked about the tight end room, Coach immediately replied, “Obviously the match-up issues you have.” And he’s not wrong. That “match-up issues” have been all the rave this offseason. You’ve probably heard “he’s too big for DBs and too fast for linebackers!” a million times by now, but the fact of the matter is Coach Muschamp admits it’s true. He believes each tight end is his own player bringing his own unique skills that need to be addressed and respected on the defensive side of the ball. Brock Bowers and Darnell Washington were the first two to come to mind for Muschamp, “ (Brock is) A very difficult cover, and he’s very good with his body. His balance and ability to bounce off people is outstanding…Darnell (Washington) is a guy that is very difficult as far as his length is concerned.”

Regarding Stetson Bennett, Coach Muschamp was not shy in giving him the praise. While most circles outside of Athens won’t think this way, Muschamp makes sure to emphasize how just special Bennett is saying, “Stetson is really smart… He’s a really good athlete and runs extremely well. You have to defend his legs, as well…” As Bennett begins his 6th year of college ball, he’s still showing signs of growth and improvement, and the coaching staff is taking notice, co-defensive coordinator and safeties coach, Will Muschamp in particular. 





While it’s great hearing that your team looks good from the outside looking in, it’s even better hearing from the actual inside. Coach Muschamp’s insight validates the claims that the media has been running with all season and should bring forth even more excitement for the beginning of the 2022 season. 





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