Coach Smart talks about offensive identity heading into SEC play

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Coach Smart talks about offensive identity heading into SEC play

Over the past couple of years, it’s seemed like Georgia’s offensive identity has taken a different direction from the run-heavy days of old. And though that may be the case, especially with Georgia having the second most passing yards per game in the country, Coach Smart assured us yesterday that the ground game remains vital. In a press conference on Monday, Coach Kirby Smart said it best, “I think you gotta have a run game to win tight ball games.”

In the past two games, Georgia hasn’t had a 100-yard rusher, but in that same span, the Dawgs have seen Stetson Bennett throw for 668 total passing yards. It’s clear that in those two outings, the team has decided to put it in Stetson’s hands, and Coach Smart spoke on that. 





He explained that “30 to 40 percent” of the pass plays we see were checked out of running plays. Smart attributed the success of those plays to the reputation of the run game and explained that yards gained from such plays were internally evaluated as “rushing yardarge.”

Coach Smart of course, isn’t worried about what anyone outside of his program has to say. “I think people look at statistics, and that’s all they look at.” 

Smart chuckled, saying, “There’s not a lack of confidence in our run game for me.” He went on to talk about what he thought were the strengths of this offense and mentioned the offensive line and the “depth up front,” If you didn’t know, a lineman is a running back’s best friend. Georgia has all the makings for a productive rushing attack, we just have yet to see it the way we want it. 





Though it might not appear to be the case from the outside looking in, the Georgia Bulldogs are proud of their run game. The numbers may not be in their favor, but football is more than just mere stats. But if there were any numbers to keep in mind, just know that the team as a whole average 4.5 yards per attempt, and Coach Smart said, “It’s hard to complain about that.”





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