Controlling Florida’s Run Game

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Controlling Florida’s Run Game

The Red Seas parts
The Red Seas parts

Georgia is coming off a 36-16 loss to LSU where they gave up 275 rushing yards. The most the Bulldogs have given up all season.

Injuries and the lack of talent in the front seven this year has produced inconsistent results defensively specifically in the run defense.

The good news is the team has had two weeks to prepare for a respectable rushing attack in the Gators.





Florida has two solid running backs in Jordan Scarlett and Lamical Perine. These two guys are the best running back duo the Dawgs will play so far, and Florida’s whole offensive philosophy starts with getting these guys going.

It is imperative Georgia prevents either of these backs from getting comfortable and affecting the game.

“You have to build a wall, control the line of scrimmage,” head coach Kirby Smart said. “This game has been decided by the team, for many years, that ran the ball better, the team that controlled the line of scrimmage. And we have to do a good job of building the wall up front.”





A glaring statistic that proves the run defense has suspect is six out of the last seven games a secondary player has led the team in tackles.

It’s never a good sign when the leading tacklers each game are continuously second-level players, and this has been a problem Kirby Smart has been trying to fix as the Bulldogs enter the most crucial game of the season.

“We can’t have second-level players having to make a bunch of tackles, and a lot of that comes by how you hold up in pass defense. How are we able to cover them outside and how are we able to control the line of scrimmage up front with five and six guys at times. So they have a good run team, and they got good running backs. They’re physical, and Dan has always been committed to the run game.”








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