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Daily Dawg Thread: November 02, 2022

MBB: UGA Wins Exhibition vs. Georgia College

Matthew-Alexander Moncrieffe — 📸: Tony Walsh/UGA

 Matthew-Alexander Moncrieffe flirted with a double-double in his unofficial Georgia debut as the Bulldogs won their preseason exhibition game against the Georgia College Bobcats, 66-52, with head coach Mike White on the sidelines in his first game at the helm of the program, on Tuesday night at Stegeman Coliseum.

The Oklahoma State transfer posted a stat line of 15 points while making 7-of-10 attempts at the free throw line, adding nine rebounds, two blocks and two steals. Guard Kario Oquendo looked comfortable in the preliminary game of his junior season, earning 15 points and a pair of three-pointers. Freshman KyeRon Lindsey also added double-digit offensive production, finishing with 10 points while going five of six from the field with two steals.





“I thought [my performance] was alright,” said Moncrieffe. “I missed a lot of easy stuff at the rim that I usually make. I need to get back in the lab. I thought I did alright for my first time with the new team. It was the first game. I thought I did alright.”

Oquendo earned the first points for the Bulldogs off a layup in the opening seconds of the game. The ensuing minutes of the first half proved to be a back-and-forth contest, with the Red and Black eventually stretching their advantage to five points, 20-15. The Bobcats squared the game at 20 after the under-eight media timeout.

Georgia ended the first half with a 33-27 lead by taking care of the ball on offense and forcing turnovers on defense. The Bulldogs forced eight turnovers in the half, including two steals from Justin Hill. Georgia College managed to stay in the contest due to its advantage on the glass. The Bobcats led in the statistic, 16-10, in the first half.





The Bulldogs built up an 11-point lead, their biggest of the game thus far, with a three from Oquendo to own a 40-29 advantage. The teams would continue to trade baskets before Georgia College managed to force missed field attempts on defense. As a result, Georgia’s lead eventually dwindled back down to five, 48-43, going into the under-12 media timeout.

Video/Transcript: Kirby Smart’s Tuesday Porst-Practice Presser

On AD Mitchell, Amarius Mims and Kendall Milton… 

“AD is not going to practice with us. He is working on the side. We are still hopeful to get him back. Amarius is working on the side. He has good flexion on his knee. He was able to do some sets, move around and left and hit some things but hasn’t practiced with us. Kendall practiced with us and did some reps today.” 

On Dillon Bell… 

“He has worked really hard to get his playing time. He didn’t get it just because of injuries. He is a good football player who has worked really hard to earn the opportunity he has gotten on special teams and at wide out. We have always like Dillon. He is a very bright, very sharp, and tough. He is still a freshman. When you are playing with freshman, you are going to have some errors and some mistakes. He made some of those each game. He is a very conscientious kid. It bothers him when he makes a mistake. He is going to be a really good football player.” 

On Nolan Smith and the defense… 

“He is a great leader. Unquestioned toughness. He has got great toughness. The guy has been durable. He has been here his whole career. He hits things so hard. He closes on counters. He creates an attitude of toughness that embodies our defense. He has been a very vocal leader this year. To be honest with you, the last two days, he is out there running to the ball, flying to the ball, coaching the guys, doing everything. It has been an incredible impact just on the energy of practice. I am very appreciative of all he has done. It is an unfortunate part of football, but it is a very common injury and surgery. Roquan (Smith) has one when he was here. Roquan had one in the NFL. He will make it back from it, and he will be fine.” 

On Nolan Smith’s surgery and timeline… 

“I think it is outpatient. I am hoping to have him at practice Thursday if they will let him. We want to get him back out there. He does a great job. He is like an extra coach because he is so enthusiastic and getting after it. He brings the energy. We are hoping to get him out there on Thursday.” 

On the impact of other positions in Nolan Smith’s absence… 

“The domino effect would have been on Saturday in the second half. Robert Beal played. Chaz (Chambliss) played. This is the next man up. That is what football is. We have got an outside linebacker room that we feel comfortable with. Those guys play outside linebacker. MJ Sherman and Marvin (Jones Jr.), those guys do a good job. Those guys will get reps there.” 

On the expectation of the outside linebackers going against Tennessee’s offense… 

“Tennessee is not necessarily a pass-happy offense. I don’t know if y’all have watched them, but they run the ball really well. I think you could say that statistically they have explosive passes. They are a running team that chunks it deep. They do a really good job with explosive pass plays. They commit to the run. There is a toughness there. Their backs run really tough. That is the next man up. Those guys have to play. They practice every day just like Nolan (Smith) does. They have to have an opportunity to go play. This is the next man up. The twos practice every day. Our threes practice every day. Our scouts practice every day. Those are the guys that will have to go play.” 

On planning the packages for this weekend’s game… 

“We have sub packages. We have packages we have every game. It is hard to get them in. You have to be strategic on how you go about getting them in, but we have the packages that we carry into every game. We year-round practice subbing. It is not like this is the first time we have to sub with pace or sub when they sub. You have to have sub packages. You have to have those.” 

On Jamon Dumas-Johnson as a leader… 

“Along with the Nolan injury, he has become a very vocal person. He practices really hard each day. He asserts himself to the different groups. He demands respect with the way he plays and practices. That is really what you want out of your MIKE linebacker.” 

On the scoring defense this season… 

“It is just the standard. It is not like just because you lose good players does not mean you are not going to be good the next year. Maybe that is an expectation that some teams have, but that is not the expectation of any team I have ever been a part of. The expectation is that you are going to be good because you recruit good players and because you coach hard. The kids that were playing last year that are playing now, they were repping every day. They were out there practicing, too. They were getting better, too. They played hard. They play as a group really well. I am not going to say that we were as talented as we were last year, but they play hard. They have to continue to do that to have success. Humility is one week away, as we always say. We had two really good quarters last week then we had one really bad one. We have to stack those positive quarters together.” 

On Marvin Jones Jr. …  

“He has been great. He has really increased his toughness. He is a really good athlete. He has gotten do much better. I don’t think even he knew what he was getting into as far as contact, physicality and big boy ball. He has been down with the scouts. He has been with us. He closes and counters. He understands football. He has got really good instincts. He probably would have played more last week, but he was a little sick two days before the game. He has been repping and practicing hard this week.” 

On preparing for Tennessee’s offense and how Alabama’s defense played against them… 

“Not really. We have got Bama’s game from last year and our game from last year. We have all the games. We look at all the games. You evaluate how people have played them and what has been successful. They are looking at every game on us and trying to see where the explosive plays are coming from. They have certain plays they are going to run regardless of that. It is probably more different for us to play them because everybody they play plays them differently because of their offense. We don’t put more stock in one game over the others.” 

On Jalon Walker… 

“He has played a few more snaps recently and earning himself into more of our packages. He has done a good job. He has been playing on special teams. He is really fast. He is tough. He is a good player. The good players we have signed here have had some role as a freshman because we believe in getting them out there. His has not been a really huge role, but it has been a good role. When you think about the guys we have had leave here in the last couple of years, they have had some impact as a freshman. He is doing that now.” 

On Jalen Carter coming back… 

“We try to play a lot of guys. Jalen has played all of last week, multiple downs. Hopefully he will play this week multiple downs. There are other teams that can go tempo. Nobody can go tempo like they go tempo. There is nobody that can really compete with them. Ole Miss is probably the closest thing to that. Jalen has practiced hard and done good work.” 

On Tennessee’s tempo… 

“All I know is that they were number one in the country last year in pace of play and pace of play in a minute. They are number one this year. I would say that is it faster because everybody is back. Their offensive line has four or five guys back. Their quarterback is back. The backs are back. The receivers are back. When you get everybody back, it is like Stetson (Bennett) being back. You know how to do it faster. You know how to do it quicker and get it in and out of plays, which they do a great job of doing.” 

On the linebacker spots and transitioning between JACK and SAM… 

“It is not a problem. They sit in the same room. They are only on the field when we are in a regular package. When you are sitting in that room, you are learning SAM and JACK. Some kids have the knowledge to play both like Nolan (Smith). He has played both his whole career. Chaz (Chambliss) plays both. Most kids we limit to one role and teach them just one thing. If you are going to be in the room and are going to develop as an outside linebacker in football, you need to learn how to play SAM and JACK. They are really interchangeable in some defenses. There is not difference. In some defenses, there are a little more intricacies when playing SAM. It is important that you develop because in the NFL, they play with a SAM and JACK. There are very few schools in the country that still teach a SAM and JACK how to play because they all want to play Nickel. That is not what they want in the NFL.” 

On his expectation for injured players… 

“The expectation is that they get healthy. If they will return soon, they are in the training room and are rehabbing. There is nothing you can really do right now. [Nolan Smith] has great energy right now. I talked to him and asked to help left spirits and push. That has been his role when he is practicing, so I don’t want him to change now that he is not. He is out there flying around and helping us out. It is great to have him take that on. Not all kids do that. Sometimes you get dejected or down in the dumps. He is not like that.” 

On practice this week… 

“I thought it has been good. It was probably better yesterday than it was today. A little more juice yesterday. Today was good. It was a really physical practice. Our typical Tuesday schedule with some differences in there to prepare for Tennessee. I expect the guys to rebound and have a better one tomorrow. It wasn’t our best Tuesday, but they still got after it.” 

Video/Transcript: Tramel Walthour and Chaz Chambliss Interviews – November 01, 2022

On what has allowed the defense to maintain success after losing so many starters to the NFL…

“It’s just the standard of play that we have at Georgia. It’s a level of play that we have and want to uphold in practice, so we just have to come in and do that at a high level.”

On what has stood out to him about Hendon Hooker and what he does well…

“He’s an athletic quarterback so he can get out of the pocket and run, he can throw the ball deep downfield, so we just have to contain him inside that pocket and play within the framework of the pocket.”

On what stands out to him about Tennessee’s run game and the challenge it presents…“That tempo that they have in their offense, it allows them to run the ball well, pass the ball well, we just have to be stout up front and we’ll be able to hold them.”

On his feelings leading up to this Saturday’s matchup given his new responsibility following the Nolan Smith injury…

“Just like we preach here, it’s always next man up, and we’re just preparing for the game like we would any other week. Getting our depth and outside linebacker room like we have all year. We all practice hard every single week and it’s just next man up for this game and for the season on.”

On what it meant to him to have an impact on the defense against Florida with the sack…

“Just being able to close out the game and the way we rushed the passer all game – we got to them every single play almost – pressuring them, getting hits on them, just couldn’t finish as much. Me and Mykel [Williams] got him back to back, and that was a great moment.”

On the continued success of the defense despite losing so many players to the NFL draft…“We didn’t drop because it’s the standard here. The defense has a standard that we’re going to be the best of the best and it doesn’t change by who’s here or how many draft picks; it’s just the standard here to have a great defense. We practice like that every single day and that’s why we haven’t dropped off.”

UGA Will Invest $26.7 Million in Lindsey Hopkins Indoor Tennis Facility

 The University of Georgia men’s and women’s tennis programs are excited to announce the $26.7 million dollar renovation to the Lindsey Hopkins Indoor Tennis facility is officially underway. The project is scheduled to be completed in December of 2023.

“We are so thankful for the vision and support the University of Georgia, Josh Brooks and his staff have for our tennis programs and this project,” said head coach Manuel Diaz. “When completed, our new six-court indoor facility will be one of the best in the nation and we will once again be able to host the NCAA Championships. Along with our recently renovated outdoor stadium, we look forward to giving our fans a great place to watch tennis.”

“I am extremely excited that we are beginning construction on our new indoor tennis facility,” said head coach Jeff Wallace. “This will greatly enhance our tennis programs moving forward. The addition of two more courts is a game-changer that allows us to play matches with every player on the court, at the same time. We are so thankful for Josh Brooks and his staff for prioritizing this facility.”

The new indoor facility will feature:

  • Six courts
  • 570 seats + increased handicap accessibility/seating
  • Indoor/Outdoor concession stand
  • Gameday locker rooms
  • Officials Lounge
  • Team meeting room
  • Electronic scoring

Five players on semifinalist lists for national awards (Maxwell Award, Bednarik Award, Butkus Award, Davey O’Brien Award and Wuerffel Trophy)

Five Georgia football players have been included on semifinalist lists for national awards, according to separate announcements Tuesday.

Sophomore tight end Brock Bowers has been included as one of 20 semifinalists for the Maxwell Award, which is given to the collegiate player of the year.  Senior safety Chris Smith is among the 20 semifinalists for the Chuck Bednarik Award, which is given to the outstanding defensive player of the year.  Both Bulldogs earned Southeastern Conference weekly honors earlier this week following their performances in the win over Florida.

Senior receiver/returner Kearis Jackson is one of a dozen players named as Wuerffel Trophy semifinalists.  The Wuerffel Trophy is known as one of college football’s elite community service awards.

Sophomore linebacker Jamon Dumas-Johnson has been included on the 15-man Butkus Award list of semifinalists.  The Butkus Award is given annually to the nation’s best collegiate linebacker.  Former Bulldog and current Philadelphia Eagle Nakobe Dean won the 2021 honor.

In addition, senior quarterback Stetson Bennett was named to the Davey O’Brien Award QB Class of 2022.  This makes Bennett eligible to be voted one of the 16 semifinalists in two weeks.

Dawgs in the NFL – Week 8

Lorenzo Carter – 2018 Rose Bowl – Georgia vs. Oklahoma

How the Bulldogs in the NFL fared in Week 8:


Lorenzo Carter, OLB: Returned an interception 28 yards for a touchdown and made four tackles for Atlanta.


Nick Chubb, RB: Rushed 23 times for 101 yards and two touchdowns, scored on a 2-point conversion run, and caught a 3-yard pass for Cleveland. Leads the NFL with 841 yards rushing and 10 touchdowns. 

Trey Hill, OL: Appeared on three special teams plays for the Bengals.


Roquan Smith, ILB: Posted five tackles in his final game for the Bears as he was traded to the Ravens on Monday. Leads the NFL with 83 tackles.


Ben Cleveland, OL: Was on Baltimore’s inactive list as a healthy scratch.

Justin Houston, OLB: Recorded two sacks on back-to-back plays for the Ravens, the second putting Tampa Bay’s Tom Brady into the NFL record books as the most sacked quarterback (555) in league history.

Nick Moore, LS: Snapped on four punts, three extra points, and three field goals (two successful) and made two special teams tackles for Baltimore.

Jake Camarda, P: Punted five times for a 53.4-yard average, including a 66-yarder, kicked off six times, and held on three field goals and an extra point for Tampa Bay. Stands fourth among NFL rookies with a punting average of 46.7 yards.


Tyson Campbell, DB: Intercepted a pass and recorded five tackles for the Jaguars in London.

Travon Walker, OLB: Had five tackles, including half a sack, for Jacksonville. Stands fourth among NFL rookies with 2.5 sacks.


James Cook, RB: Rushed three times for 28 yards for Buffalo.

Isaiah McKenzie, WR: Rushed for a 7-yard touchdown, caught an 8-yard pass, and returned three kickoffs for 72 yards for the Bills.

Eric Stokes, DB: Appeared on 58 defensive plays with no stats for Green Bay.

Quay Walker, ILB: Recorded five tackles and forced a fumble for Green Bay. Ranks second among NFL rookies with 57 tackles.

Devonte Wyatt, DL: Appeared on 10 defensive plays with no stats for Green Bay.


Jordan Davis, DE: Helped the Eagles improve to 7-0 as the league’s last unbeaten team by making two tackles, but was forced to exit in the second quarter with an ankle injury.

Nakobe Dean, ILB: Appeared on 21 special teams plays with one tackle for Philadelphia.

George Pickens, WR: Was targeted three times but had no catches for the Steelers. Ranks fifth among NFL rookies with 338 yards receiving.

49ERS 31, RAMS 14

Charlie Woerner, TE: Appeared on 21 special teams plays and four offensive plays with no stats for San Francisco.

Leonard Floyd, OLB: Led the Rams with nine tackles, including two sacks.

Derion Kendrick, DB: Posted six tackles for Los Angeles.

Matthew Stafford, QB: Went 22-of-33 for 187 yards and a touchdown and rushed for a 1-yard touchdown for the Rams. 


Chris Conley, WR: Appeared on 13 offensive plays with no stats in his Titans debut after being signed off Kansas City’s practice squad.

Ben Jones, OL: Logged all 58 offensive snaps and helped Tennessee accumulate 354 total yards, including 314 yards rushing, and post a time of possession differential of nearly 10 minutes.

Monty Rice, ILB: Appeared on 20 special teams plays with no stats for the Titans.


John Jenkins, DL: Had two tackles for Miami.

Channing Tindall, OLB: Appeared on seven special teams plays with no stats for the Dolphins.

D’Andre Swift, RB: Caught five passes for 27 yards and a touchdown and rushed five times for six yards for the Lions as he returned from a 3-game absence due to injuries.


David Andrews, OL: Was on the Patriots’ inactive list due to a concussion.

Isaiah Wynn, OL: Logged 25 offensive snaps at tackle and guard, helping New England roll up 288 total yards.


Lawrence Cager, TE: Appeared on 12 offensive plays with one target and no stats after being elevated from New York’s practice squad on Saturday. Reverted to the practice squad on Monday.

Tae Crowder, ILB: Had two tackles for the Giants.

Andrew Thomas, OL: Logged all 65 snaps at right tackle, plus three on special teams, as New York accumulated 225 total yards.


Rodrigo Blankenship, PK: Kicked off six times for the Cardinals.

A.J. Green, WR: Was targeted once with no stats for Arizona.

Jonathan Ledbetter, DL: Appeared on 19 defensive plays and six special teams plays with no stats for the Cardinals.


Zamir White, RB: Appeared on five offensive plays and one special teams play  with no stats for the Raiders.

On A Bye

Chargers: Tre’ McKitty, TE; Sony Michel, RB; Jamaree Salyer, OL

Chiefs: Mecole Hardman, WR; Malik Herring, DL

Practice Squads

Cardinals: Javon Wims, WR

Chargers: Mark Webb, DB

Commanders: Jake Fromm, QB

Falcons: Justin Shaffer, OL

Giants: Solomon Kindley, OL

Reserve Lists (IR, PUP, NFI, COVID)

Bengals: Elijah Holyfield, RB

Commanders: Eli Wolf, TE

Falcons: John FitzPatrick, TE

Giants: Azeez Ojulari, OLB

Raiders: Jordan Jenkins, OLB

Vikings: Lewis Cine, DB

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