Dawgs defeat the Commodores to the tune of 55-0

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Dawgs defeat the Commodores to the tune of 55-0

The Dawgs came into the game favored by around 38 points, and their play proved that they were worthy of those expectations. They performed as hoped for by fans after having a somewhat shaky beginning to last week’s Auburn game. 

Something Georgia did well yesterday was throwing the ball. If you watched the game, it didn’t look like there were any crazy over the top throws from Stetson Bennett or Carson Beck, who saw time in the fourth quarter, but there were some precise throws made by the two that were definitely worth noticing. 

Keeping up with Bennett over the past couple weeks, it’s felt like he’s had the yips. Just watching him throw he’d miss easy passes to guys running short routes or coming out of the backfield, but there was none of that today.





Bennett had multiple targets over the middle of the field, an area that Coach Kirby Smart had said that he needed to improve on during the offseason, connecting with multiple different receivers. The veteran quarterback didn’t have to lean on any particular guy yesterday. He just threw what was open. 

Speaking of the passing game, one of the stars from yesterday was third year tight end Darnell Washington. In another career game, he caught 4 balls for 78 yards. 

Looking at Washington’s play, it’s so hard to tell which he does better: catching the ball or running with the ball. On one play he caught a ball over a defenders head while running downfield, and on another he caught it a ball short and ran for around 20 yards down the sideline, dragging defenders with him. 





Vanderbilt was an expected win, but Georgia’s performance didn’t disappoint. It feels like it gave the team some momentum heading into the bye. Against a respectfully inferior Vanderbilt team, the Georgia Bulldogs were able to execute at all aspects of the game. A performance like that is a good momentum boost for a team that’s had a semi-shaky stretch and shows the team and fans that they can get it done when they need to.





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