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DawgStats: Dawgs and Tigers

Dawgs and Tigers finally get to play. A lot has changed since originally scheduled a month ago. While the offense isn’t new, it’s certainly improved. UGA has played as a much more efficient offense over the last two games. A season worth of these numbers is worth getting excited over.

The offense has improved in overall offensive success rate, EPA, and Explosiveness. The pass success rate is still low, but with the improvement explosive metrics – the rushing attack has increased in efficiency.

As many Dawg fans will tell you, it’s not different offense with Daniels at the helm – it’s just better run. Using Clark Brook’s SEC Stat Cat charting, look at the offense’s numbers on the most often called pass plays before and after JT.





The same concepts are being run, and even with small sample size, there is a dramatic increase in production. And at the end you can see that Missouri’s young secondary might be prone to allow some explosives.

Chism, Hazelton, and Rountree will challenge the Dawgs defense. The Tigers just put up 50 on Arkansas. Dawgs will see a flea flicker.

Here is the metrics matchup for Saturday. Missouri had only scored more than 20 once before the last two victories over Vandy and Arkansas. They do rank last in points allowed per scoring opportunity.









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