DDT: Georgia QB History – By the Numbers

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DDT: Georgia QB History – By the Numbers

The modern history of the quarterback position at the University of Georgia is fascinating. From Eric Zeier to Jake Fromm, the established, multi-year signal callers for the Dawgs have all been incredibly different and have lead to a varying levels of success. However, they’ve all been subject to the praise and the punishment that comes from the passionate Georgia fanbase. Today we attempt to strip away the emotional aspect of things, look at the numbers and the wins and losses that each accumulated in an attempt to review and appreciate the QBs that have made their way through Athens. This is also being done in attempt to frame the expectations of QBs going forward and decipher what will be needed from that position to put the Dawgs over the top.

Obviously the game has changed over the last 30 years. Offenses have evolved and rule changes have made the game more free flowing so to speak. Still from Zeier to Fromm, there has been tremendous production from Georgia’s quarterbacks, albeit in differing categories and to varying degrees. Jake Fromm was more accurate than any Georgia quarterback in his sophomore year and won more games than in Georgia QB in his first 3 seasons. Eric Zeier and Aaron Murray each eclipsed the 3500 yards passing mark in their junior seasons. Matt Stafford would show enough raw talent to be drafted number 1 overall and David Greene at one point in time was the winningest quarterback in NCAA history.


Despite all the heartburn that exists now over the Georgia quarterback situation, and the drama that was the Fields/Fromm saga, there is no doubt that Athens has been home to some tremendous signal callers. There has been droughts in-between these 5 multi-year starters listed above. The Dawgs are currently in search of the next young man to be “the guy”. Even with last weeks 401 yard debut by JT Daniels, uncertainty abounds. Daniels was listed as a potential 1st rounder in the upcoming NFL Draft. What if he leaves?





It’s easy to get caught up in the what have you done for me lately, instant gratification desiring society we live in. Obviously the Georgia fanbase, program, admin, players, development staff, and coaches are all hungry for that elusive national title, but sometimes it okay to look back and see just how rich the history of Georgia QBs is, to relive their pinnacle moments, and realize that another is on the horizon.





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