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DDT: Indicators of Future Success for Georgia Offense

Georgia running back James Cook (4) during the Bulldogs’ game with Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Ala., on Saturday, Oct. 17, 2020. (Photo by Skylar Lien)

According to the reaction of many in the Georgia faithful, and the litany of stories surrounding controversies that don’t actually exist, the sky is falling. I’m here to tell say, after carefully reviewing the game, that is simply not the case. Georgia did a lot of encouraging things offensively against Alabama, and there are plenty indicators of future success.

The first indicator of future success is the play of the Georgia offensive line. Not including sack yards, Georgia generated 159 yards on 28 carries for an average of 5.7 yards per carry. Ignore the fact that for some reason Georgia got away from the running back in the second half. If UGA is able to muster even close to the 5.7 yards per carry mark going forward, then their offense will be extremely difficult to stop. The offensive line is gelling and even more depth is growing behind the current starters. Expect to see a full blown emergence of RBU in the next 6 games will Kendall Milton receiving more carries as well.

The second factor that Georgia fans should be encouraged by is play design. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen receivers running wide open the way that Georgia receivers were on Saturday versus Alabama. Admittedly, Stetson Bennett IV missed some in critical times, but he also hit quite a few. There were some dropped balls also. The difference between Georgia and Alabama on offense at the moment is the fact that when a 50/50 ball goes up, Alabama comes down with it. Georgia has to continue to take their shots down the field and it’s important for Bennett IV to improve on some of the decisions he made Saturday, but the scheme itself is putting strain on defenses and that combined with an opportunity to clean things up on a bye week and increased execution going forward equals even more offensive production.





Georgia’s 414 yards of offense versus Alabama was better than 8 of Georgia’s games in 2019. Even in a performance that included 3 turnovers, Georgia’s 24 points were as good as if not better than 7 of their games from a year ago. So yes, there is a room for improvement for sure. Execution and play design have to mesh simultaneously, but make no mistake the elements are there unlike the offenses of the past 2 seasons. Stetson Bennett IV’s experience he just gained in Tuscaloosa will prove invaluable going forward as he is the guy at UGA, regardless of the opinions of some, for the Kentucky game and going forward from what I’m gathering. Look for a concerned effort to have more balance and for Stetson Bennett IV to stress defenses with his legs both by sprint/roll outs and also improv.

Balance and Monken’s creative play design, with the natural playmaking ability and added learning experiences of Stetson Bennett IV, will produce an efficient and explosive offense going forward. Pro Football Focus grades every play from every team throughout the season. PFF has Stetson Bennett IV as the highest graded QB versus man coverage in 2020 in all of college football. Also, Kendall Milton is averaging the most yards per carry after contact of any running back in the SEC. Georgia will not finish another game this year with 28 carries or less by ball carriers. They are going to commit to running the ball behind an offensive line that is playing well and create those one on one, man coverage looks, on the outside that Stetson Bennett IV succeeds against.









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339 responses on “DDT: Indicators of Future Success for Georgia Offense

    1. Bob Miller

      Just a new commenting system @214 that @168 wanted to try to see if it was better than Disqus. Thought it would be a good time to implement it during the bye week. If it doesn’t work out, we can always go back to Disqus.

    1. GDawg

      Go Dawgs! Glad to have you Kamari! I think he is vastly underrated. Seems like a great kid… hard worker and will be fabulous addition..

      Only adds a few points but moves UGA from 8th to 6th in composite rankings.

      1. Biggity Ben

        Welp it didn’t use my ‘crying laughing emoji after the forty question’ but rest assured I was joking.

      2. Bob Miller

        He is originally from the state of Georgia @199 but not sure from where, and his 40 time per 247 is 4.68… not sure how accurate that is, though, or when and where he was timed.

  1. Srialien

    On the recruiting side, I’ve seen Lassiter play a few times and hope he commits to the good guys tonight. He’s one of those kids that I believe would be ranked much higher in a normal year where he had a chance to get re-evaluated more often. Tall, physical, with good ball skills.

  2. Srialien

    I know some folks are a bit concerned or disappointed with the team so far but honestly it’s gone about as well as could be expected with everything that has happened around the QB room. When the new schedule was announced I said I would be happy with being 4-1 going into UF game and I still think we will be. So I’m not going to move the goal post just because We lost to Bama which I thought was likely since I didn’t think our offense would be clicking on all cylinders this early in the season.

      1. Srialien

        Thanks 75tranzam. I certainly want to beat Bama, and still think that’s very possible, so just need to hang in there and enjoy the ride.

  3. Srialien

    Looks pretty similar to the discus version and the changes will take some figuring out but thanks Greg for all the hard work on it. Much appreciated as always.

    1. Joe Kennedy

      Yep I’m definitely feeling gloom and despair about UGA football right now. I think our ceiling for this team is winning the East. Now I’ll be happy if we beat fla and sc , but I just wish we could figure out how to beat bama .

  4. Gawdsport

    I’m getting use to new format, but gotta say Garner Webb and Ear Wax cleaner ppl still need to improve their algorithms. I ain’t buying.

  5. DawgLeg

    I apologize for asking the same question I asked yesterday, but have at least waited until things slowed down. How do I send a private message to another member. Greg – you answered this yesterday, but I couldn’t figure it out.

  6. Joe Kennedy

    Logan and Dave had two guest on that talked baseball . Baseball season is basically over!!!!!! I’m gonna find me another morning show to listen too

    1. Bob Miller

      See the attached image on how to see new posts @199 . There is a green icon with a white text bubble. An smaller orange circle will appear with a number inside indicating how many new comments there are. You click on that to see new comments.

  7. TripleDawg

    Feel like with the extra long season, with no cupcakes, that injuries are going to play a big part down the stretch. I remember last year at the SECG that UGA was pretty beat up with Swift, Cager hurt and Blaylock getting hurt in the game. If UGA can stay healthy, I like their chances against anybody.

      1. Bob Miller

        Depending on if there is any post-season play and even if there are College Football Playoffs, Georgia may not play Clemson this season depending on the seeding.

        As far as Alabama, it is difficult to beat a team twice in one season. If Georgia eliminates the mistakes they made last Saturday, they have the ability and talent to beat the Tide.

        1. Joe Kennedy

          I can’t agree buddy. I agree with what Boykin said, he didn’t we could stop their explosive WRs in a rematch. We do have talent but their talent on offense is just better

          1. Bob Miller

            The talent on Georgia’s offense and Alabama’s offense are comparable. The big difference is Alabama’s experience on offense. They have more juniors and seniors on that side of the ball along with guys that have played in and started more games than a number of other teams, including Georgia.

            Alabama’s QB Mac Jones is a redshirt junior who has played in 30 games in the SEC. Compare that to Bennett who has 9 under his belt, and Mathis whose first game was versus Arkansas to start the season.

            At RB, Bama’s Najee Harris is a senior with 46 games. Georgia’s most experience RB, Zamir White, is a redshirt sophomore with 17.

            At WR, Bama’s DeVonta Smith is a senior with 45 games and Jaylen Waddle has 32 games as a junior. Compared to George Pickens and Kearis Jackson, a sophomore and redshirt sophomore respectively, have 18 and 19 games. To put that in perspective, Bama’s No. 3 WR, sophomore John Metchie, has 17.

            Bama is also more experienced on the o-line with 2 seniors and a graduate.

            1. Joe Kennedy

              Yep. That’s part of the reason I think they would win in a rematch because of experience also. But we still gotta to beat fla first

            2. Bob Miller

              Aye. Not saying it would be easy in a rematch versus Bama. The gap in the experience will still be there. It will all depend on the growth over of Dawgs on that side of the ball over the next number of weeks and remaining 6 games.

              And yeah. Got to worry about the opponents remaining on the schedule before being concerned about a rematch with Bama.

  8. Greg Poole

    Here is the link to the gravatar site. Load your image here and it will appear on any site that uses gravatar – which is all WordPress sites.

            1. DawgDaddy

              Actually when I went to the site it logged me in with my BI login using autofill. I just had to upload the pic.

            1. Bob Miller

              Refreshed page, and now, it is not showing @203 . You now just have the generic BI logo as your avatar, but it was showing up earlier for you.

    1. 1mandawgpack

      Like a bunch of beauty contestants worried about getting their photos posted all up in here ###

    2. DawgDaddy

      You da man, I think I will just take a break from trying to get mine until you figure this thing out. Thanks Greg and Bob for the help so far.

  9. Bob Miller

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    1. 1mandawgpack

      Yep, I think it was experiencing some hiccups yesterday but seems to be working fairly well, at least for me, today.

  10. Biggity Ben

    I know this has likely been discussed and I just missed it, but there IS someone committing today?

    1. 1mandawgpack

      Yes – see the top of yesterday’s DDT for details. It’s the DB from Tuscaloosa (originally from Savannah).

    2. Bob Miller

      Defensive back Kamar Lassiter is supposed to announce his commitment decision this evening around 8 p.m. EST @199

  11. Bob Miller

    If you want to get email notifications, you have to click “Subscribe” and then choose whether or not to get notifications for any new comments or just replies to your comments. See attached image.

  12. ZippyMorocco

    I’m an old fart, so I’m not into change, especially IT. However, the new disqus sucks canal water.

    1. 1mandawgpack

      Give it a little time. I think there were a lot of features that had to be customized and Greg is tinkering with those. To me, it looks and works a lot like Disqus so I don’t see a whole lot of differences from the old system. I probably won’t use the private commenting function once Greg gets it working, but I think some people will enjoy that feature.

      1. Bob Miller

        It should be approved @ @183 @guest_49989… if the admin and mod features are working correctly.

        1. Bob Miller

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      Still showing the sideways G.

      I never could figure out what your avatar was a photo of over on the Disqus site because it was so small. I religiously watched the Little Rascals growing up and the photo looked like it was Buckwheat from the LR but that was the closest thing I could guess.

  13. Bob Miller

    @175 and @190 (and anyone else having trouble logging in with their Disqus account) Don’t click on the “login” but click on the blue Disqus button to login with your Disqus account… see attached image. It is a little misleading as I also clicked on the blue login text instead of the button at first.

      1. 1mandawgpack

        I’ve logged in with Disqus on several different occasions. My username and avatar show up in the top right hand corner of the page where it says ‘Howdy, 1mandawgpack’ but my avatar doesn’t show when posting comments. I’ve gone into my profile to see if it might be a setting issue and didn’t see any issues. Accordingly, I’ve given up on the avatar matter.

  14. Bob Miller

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              Yep. It shows my picture in the top right but when I post the sideways G appears. I have logged out and logged back in a couple of times too.

      1. Bob Miller

        Going OK. Enjoying the weather up here in Northeast Georgia around the lake. Hope you and yours are doing well.

        TBH, I haven’t kept up with recruiting in several months like I used to. @166 is way more in the know than I am at the moment, but it does appear to be heating up, which is not unexpected. Even if we were not dealing with the coronavirus, this is about the time of year that things really start to kick into gear for the upcoming recruiting class.

    1. 1mandawgpack

      I haven’t tried, but I think you click the paper clip down in the bottom right hand corner of the comment box and then select your image from where it’s stored on your device. It appears to me that there’s no limitation on the type of file that can be attached and if that’s indeed the case, this commenting feature is much more flexible than Disqus as it only allowed very limited types of files to be downloaded.

    2. Bob Miller

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  15. Rob Dawg

    Greg why do some have “Member” beside their name and others have “Guest”? I looks to me like guests have avatar and member does not?

      1. Rob Dawg

        It’s holdover from previous Disqus system. I didn’t do anything other that put my screen name and email in the two boxes here when commenting and it recognized me I guess

        1. Converted 1981

          Did the same and signed in and out and in and out and in again. Still get the sideways G!!!!!!

      1. Converted 1981

        I see a red background with a red Bulldog Helmet with the black G! Looks good. What do you see from mine?

    1. Converted 1981

      It looks like when one is typing then the BI Bulldog shows up. However once one hits enter it changes over the the sideways G.

  16. DawgLeg

    Went out for a run and came back with some thoughts (opinions).
    We have missed on multiple elite RB in the last 3 years that we were going to get if weird crap hadn’t happened. J Fields was supposed to be our QB this year. We didn’t get the RBs and Fields is in an environment where he doesn’t feel threatened. It is what it is.
    I am impressed with Monken as an OC so far.
    I am pretty sure Monken is a better evaluator of QBs than any of us on this board.
    Just some of my opinions.

      1. DawgLeg

        Neither of us really know because we weren’t there, but I have learned in life that when circumstances change you have to change your opinion.

    1. Bob Miller

      On the RBs, I’m not sure UGA really missed out on signing elite prospects, except for 2019, although Kenny McIntosh is flashing that he is likely better than his evaluation by the recruiting services.

      2020 signee and true freshman Kendall Milton was rated a four-star and one of the top-10 running backs in the country by 247 along with ESPN and a five-star and the No. 3 RB in the nation by Rivals.

      Zamir White was considered one of the top RBs and prospects in the country in 2018.

      1. DawgLeg

        I was referring to Emery, the 2 (?) we think we missed on when Holyfield changed his mind about declaring, and last year the guy from Texas whose name I refuse to speak or type.

        1. 1mandawgpack

          I think the BI logo appears as your avatar when you initiate a new comment but the sideways G appears as your avatar when you reply to a comment, at least that appears to be the case to me.

            1. 1mandawgpack

              I just made a new comment (not responding to a previous comment) and got the sideways G. So much for my theory.

            2. Rob Dawg

              Greg told me that only people with 10,000 accrued Yolo points will have visible avatars. Maybe he didn’t but thats what I’m going with

      1. Bob Miller

        That average starting field position is a testament to the defense and good special teams play for Georgia. They just weren’t able to capitalize on it in the Alabama game due to mistakes they made.

        1. 1mandawgpack

          I think that stat is heavily skewed by the first 3 games whereby our D dominated and we were able to get a lot of 3 and out possessions that resulted in punts from deep in the opponents territory. Since the D couldn’t get off the field against Bama, our starting field position was awful for the few punts we were able to force.

  17. DawgDaddy

    When I click on the wheel icon above to check “My Content and Settings” I get a pop-up asking if I want to “Delete all my comments” I can’t get to settings at all. 

  18. TeeHDawg

    Has anyone heard any updates on Adonai Mitchell and Jackson Meeks?

    I think Mitchell will be ready to contribute earlier than his ranking indicates since he is already graduated and already working out. And I know Meeks may have been dinged up recently.

    on another note, just watched some film on 22 recruit Darris Smith from Appling County. He’s a potential Jermaine Johnson type player and should be a high priority for us.

  19. TeeHDawg

    Morning everyone. Not sure of what to make on the new format. It’s going to take some getting use to.

    In a recruiting related question, I see that Ishmael Sopsher, a big time NT recruit from Louisiana is in the transfer portal. With the new transfer rules being in place next year, he’s probably LSU bound. That has to better our chances at Maason Smith.

    1. 1mandawgpack

      I think the bigger issue with all LSU recruits is whether or not the NCAA imposes a post-season ban(s). With what appears to be major recruiting violations (pay to play schemes) in both football and basketball, it wouldn’t surprise me if LSU didn’t receive a ‘failure to monitor’ penalty for both programs, which is one of the most severe penalties that the NCAA can issue. As kids like to play for titles, a post-season ban will hurt their recruiting more than competition at any particular position.

      1. TeeHDawg

        I didn’t think of that. That is a major factor when kids decide where to go to school. I also saw one of the smaller schools in Louisiana sign his older brother.

  20. 1mandawgpack

    I personally hope that whomever emerges from winning the QB competition over this week and next is intended to be the starter for the remainder of the year, absent monumental struggles or injury. A big part of playing QB is game experience, which builds confidence executing the offense, and we simply can’t be playing QB musical chairs each week with 4 different guys who really haven’t had a ton of actual game experience in at least a year (Stetson playing QB at JUCO 2 seasons ago until 3 of the first 4 games this year; JTD since his last start at USC over a year ago; Mathis since starting in HS at least 2 years ago and Beck since starting in HS over a year ago). I know Kirby’s a big fan of competition during practice but I think QB is a little different from other positions. It’s time to identify our #1 QB and stick with him for the rest of the season.

    1. 1mandawgpack

      I guess I’m a little confused by your comment, GS. I know some 5* prospects have announced commitment dates in November but other than that, can’t think of any 5* recruits announcing today or even this week.

  21. OldDawg

    Discus did not work yesterday however today no issues. Not a fan of this new comments section. I’m old and don’t like changes, except maybe a new QB in the next game in preparation for the showdown in JAX.

        1. bpuga09

          Yeah, I’m not sure. I logged into my discus account settings, and it shows my avatar there. No idea why it isn’t showing up here.

  22. DawgLeg

    Good morning. I had to create a new account with Disqus and installing my old avatar is a bridge too far for me. Not a complaint – just a comment. Other than that I think this is working ok.

  23. Greg Poole

    When you see an orange circle with a number inside it, it means that there are that number of comments that you have not read – Clicking on the number will take you to the comment(s),and clicking on the green button next to the orange circle will bring you to the top of the comments section. This works no matter where on the page you are when you click it.


    1. ScoreCheck

      I tried clicking on the above orange circle with the number in white in it and did not take me to any comments.

  24. EltonMcconnell

    Good morning DAWG NATION!! With the improvement of the Offense I really hope we can keep C. Monken around a couple years.

  25. Greg Poole

    College men, from LSU


    Most are focusing on the incredibly stupid public display after the national championship game by Odell Beckham Jr., who handed out celebration cash to some of the LSU players, but the much bigger problem the school faces is this:

    The father of former offensive lineman Vadal Alexander received $180,000 in stolen money from LSU booster John Paul Funes, who admitted in 2019 that he embezzled more than half a million dollars from Our Lady of the Lake Hospital in Baton Rouge. The money was payment from 2012 to 2017 for what the NCAA characterized as a “no-show job.”

  26. Josh Hancher

    According to SiS stats. Bennett has only 9 drop backs v Man. 5/8 with a TD. Stat Cat charted his off target passes at +20% – highest in SEC

  27. Dewey Mosher

    REALLY hoping his assessment of Stet continuing to learn and grow come to fruition…apparently he is our only option at this time…should work out fine with remaining games on the sked, and if so, we will face Bama again…pulling hard for the young man…

      1. Dewnsav

        That has been my contention for weeks…however, as stated, it APPEARS Stet is our only option at this time, ergo, I am pulling hard for him…

        1. Joe Kennedy

          I just don’t see how we can cover their WRs either. Don’t see how the seccg will any different. We got to get there first

  28. Converted1981

    Very good write up Blayne.
    they do need to commit to running the ball more and all the other things will open up even more. We have one of the best Special Teams in the nation as well.

  29. Greg Poole

    The Disqus sign-in button is now working. If you use it, you should see your old avi. Let me know if it doesn’t work.

    1. DawgDaddy

      I can’t log in, Discus has not let me in for quite a while, I was logging in using the Facebook option on Discus.

    1. Converted 1981

      Him or Sorrey? More than likely we do not get both. I believe CKS wants Sorrey more but we will see.

      1. 1mandawgpack

        We signed a total of 1 LB in last year’s class. We need to sign 5 to 6 this year and at the moment, only have 2 committed (and I think Chamblis will get bigger in our S&C program and ultimately move to SDE instead of that OLB/WDE hybrid that we play). We need both Monden and Sorey (particularly since Monden just tore his MCL and likely won’t be ready to play next season if his recovery is ‘typical’) and I’ve heard rumor that we’ve gained momentum with the recruitment of the LB from Alabama who is pretty highly rated

        1. Converted 1981

          I thought they came back and said he had a meniscus tear and not any ligaments. May be wrong but i thought that is what was said on one of the recruiting reviews last night.

      2. Blayne Gilmer

        Sorey everyday and twice on Sunday. Saw Mondon play in person. Not a 5-Star football player. 5-Star athlete but was adverse to contact it seemed

    1. WalkedthedawgWhisky

      Oops.. your earlier post did not show when I was on earlier… Does this platform have an edit function for prior posts?

      1. Greg Poole

        Yes, you can edit for up to 30 minutes after posting a comment. The edit button is in the pulldown that is accessed by clicking on the gear icon in the bottom right of any posted text box

    1. Converted 1981

      There were some on here who doubted Milton. We will see exactly how well this young man pans out but I expect great things from him.

  30. WalkedthedawgWhisky

    Tide lost Alfano.. now Sopsher.. Top shelf DL leaving Tuscaloosa? When did that ever happen before…Guess Saban is all in on Big12 football.

  31. Greg Poole

    Pruitt reportedly fired one of his newest assistants in the middle of the game because he was so disgusted with his team’s performance.

    According to Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio, the Volunteers fired assistant coach Jimmy Brumbaugh while the team was getting blown out by the Wildcats.

    College Football Assistant Coach Reportedly Fired During A Game


        1. Converted 1981

          Is this the beginning of the next great VOL Meltdown. How far off before the Great Pumpkin comes riding in to the rescue and starts the process of pushing Pruitt out. Surprised things have gone this well so far.

    1. WalkedthedawgWhisky

      Father Garcia… “It is just not fair” talking about kids not able to play in other states…. LOL… Fair and Covid? Some people need to evaluate their priorities. or really move.. not hobo around Georgia looking for a bucket of beans.

  32. Greg Poole
    • We saw quite the showdown in the SEC on Saturday night. Georgia took a lead into halftime against Alabama, but the Crimson Tide offense was too much for the Bulldogs in the second half. In his weekly Monday Down South column, Matt Hinton breaks down the success of Alabama’s “plug-n-play” offense, Georgia QB Stetson Bennett IV’s struggles and key takeaways from all the other SEC games, too. In his weekly First and 10 column, Saturday Down South’s Matt Hayes wrote that as much fun as Bennett’s underdog story is, Saturday revealed Georgia can’t win a national title if he’s the starting quarterback.

    Saturday Football: Vols’ QB situation, B1G QB depth and Bo Nix’s struggles