DDT: Retaining Dan Lanning is Bigger Than X’s and O’s

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DDT: Retaining Dan Lanning is Bigger Than X’s and O’s

It’s no surprise that Dan Lanning has drawn interest from major programs such as Texas and LSU. Lanning has done a tremendous job as the Defensive Coordinator for Georgia in 2 seasons. The Georgia defense continues to rank at or near the top of every defensive metric there is. Lanning specifically works with the outside linebackers as his position group, and Azeez Ojulari lead the SEC in sacks this year. The Dawgs also led the SEC in sacks as a team. So while it’s not surprising that Sarkisian and Texas and Orgeron and LSU came calling, it’s also not surprising that Dan Lanning turned them down.

The young Georgia DC approaches every aspect of his life with intensity. By all accounts Lanning is a tremendous family man. Even recruits that interact with Lanning talk to me about the way that he interacts with his family and how it’s clear that family is a priority in his life. Lanning brings that family messaging to his recruiting and to his on-field coaching and off-field teaching. In media availabilities, many coaches talk about having a brotherhood and fighting together for a common goal, Lanning lives it. This past summer, with tensions running high across the country and in college locker-rooms, with Georgia’s being no exception, Lanning was a glue guy for the UGA players. Lanning listened, Lanning acted, and Lanning lead.

There are major opportunities in the future for Dan Lanning. One day, the promising coach, coordinator, and recruiter will take job elsewhere. Maybe he’ll wait until it’s a head coaching job, in the same fashion as Kirby Smart. Smart was one of the most coveted head coaching targets for years but he waited on the Georgia job. Lanning is paid handsomely at Georgia and a lateral move wouldn’t make much sense, but still, in a instant satisfaction driven world, it says a lot about how Lanning feels about being a part of the Georgia community and program and also that he truly believes there is unfinished business to attend to and the pieces to get it done in 2021.





Also, the Dawg faithful should get used to this attempted poaching of it’s coaches. Glenn Schumann has drawn interest this offseason. Dell McGee was very close to becoming the Offensive Coordinator for Auburn and Matt Luke has already been a Head Coach in the SEC and will undoubtedly get another opportunity somewhere at some point. For now, Kirby Smart and Georgia have done a tremendous job of doing what’s been required to keep a very talented staff in tact thus far this offseason.





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