DDT: Sensationalized Media Largely At Fault For NCAA Drama

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DDT: Sensationalized Media Largely At Fault For NCAA Drama

There is no center lane it seems anymore ladies and gentlemen. The world today seems to camped in polar, extreme opposite positions. Whether it be in politics, general opinions, or sports, everybody has take the events of the given day and twist them, ratchet them up, and drum up as much sensationalism and emotional reaction as possible. Sports media today seems to be the worst at this. Everyone is more concerned about being first and driving clicks than they are reporting verified facts with assurance and integrity.

Whether it’s reaction to social media posts of athletes or coaches, or simply reporting rumor as fact, there is way too much of it lately. Recruiting violations, the announcements of the intentions of student athletes as fact before they have made information public, and personally attacking coaches and players are all commonplace. People need to realize that these players and coaches are going about their business on a daily basis and are living out life altering thoughts, actions, and decisions in real time for all the world to see and instantly critique. Now, players and coaches alike are rewarded handsomely for this, especially the coaches at the college level. However, that does not mean that rumor and innuendo, especially that which can do harm to the subject in question, should be treated as the gospel and spread like wildfire.

I’d call for “media” personalities and reports to think about the subject of their writings and realize their is a human being on the other side of their hot take or anonymous source. I personally view the unverified spreading of “sloppy” recruiting on the part of Georgia football, with no source given, on a national platform as highly irresponsible. I view the belittling of draft status of players that elect to return to school by former players that didn’t get to play at the pro level themselves as hypocritical and cowardly. The pressure that student-athletes are under today has a lot to do with the over the top scrutiny, wild speculation, off the hip remarks of a sensationalized media. Because student-athletes are getting this type of attention so early, and are having expectations place so high, the traditional structure of the NCAA seems to not be much longer for the world of college sports.





It’s great to cover the sport and the players and coaches of the sport with passion and to do so in a way that gives insight to those reading and, or subscribing to the information being published. It’s greater to do with integrity. It’s greater to do so with the intentions of reporting what is accurate and clearly designating and disclaiming that which is not a tried and true fact as opinion and an inference at what is believed will be happening. If writing something has the sole purpose of bringing someone or being a gotcha piece, or question, then spare the public of your bias and vitriol. There is plenty of that in the world today.





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