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DDT: Wednesday’s News and Convo

Why Bama Hammer rather than Bammer Hammer or Bama Hamma?

While it is true that one can not argue with success, one can question those whose egos are boosted by their relatively more successful (to date) programs. All of this noise from rivals smacks more of whistling past the graveyard than a confident attitude about the future of their programs vs. Kirby Smart.

You can’t be a Georgia Bulldog fan and not have an opinion about Alabama Football. Whether that opinion is favorable or driven by intense dislike (more likely the latter) the Georgia Bulldogs football program is measured against the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Of course, the standard of measurement for Georgia is Alabama Football, just as it is for LSU, Auburn, Texas A&M and Florida. The same situation exists for other top Power Five teams outside the SEC. The Crimson Tide is the gold standard.

Of course, the standard of measurement for Georgia is Alabama Football, just as it is for LSU, Auburn, Texas A&M and Florida. The same situation exists for other top Power Five teams outside the SEC. The Crimson Tide is the gold standard.

Alabama Football: David Pollack right and wrong about Tide and UGA – Bama Hammer





An Inherent Contradiction?

A recent ESPN post (partially obscured by their paywall) contains quotes indicating that college football recruiting might be replaced by The Portal. However, there is a method to the madness. This fear-mongering is about getting scholarship limits raised from the current 70 player max.

It will cost more and will tend to further concentrated talent at the elite level of CFB, but those elite team will put on a better show throughout their seasons with greater depth and a deeper talent pool within the programs.

“Everybody is basically just suggesting, ‘I’m not going to recruit high school players anymore,'” said Todd Berry, the executive director of the American Football Coaches Association, who has been sitting in on conference coaches’ meetings along with the AFCA’s own coaches’ meetings. “Recruiting off other campuses is going to be the norm and high school recruiting is going to go away. I don’t think there’s any way around that unless the 25 initials gets changed. I don’t think that’s a hypothetical. I think that’s a fact, because I know what the coaches are going to do because we’re on these calls together.”

Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley reinforced Berry’s concern.

“There’s without a doubt going to be less high school players getting scholarships,” Riley said. “If a player leaves your roster, then you replace them with a transfer, you had to use an initial to bring the player on, and then you’ve got to use another one to bring in a new transfer. The more initials that get used up, every one of them takes away from a high school guy that you could sign.”

“Everybody is basically just suggesting, ‘I’m not going to recruit high school players anymore…’”

South Carolina Writer Goes Off on Beamer Hire

Fitts News is an independent Site based in SC, and it does not hold back on the Beamer hire. Many I’m not sure that a first-time head coach is doing himself and favor by taking the job in Columbia. After all, USCe has tried a couple of coaches who were fairly successful at other stops (Holtz and Spurrier) without success.





Not only has Beamer never been a head football coach, he has never been an offensive or defensive coordinator at a major college program. His most recent stint was as an offensive assistant at Oklahoma under Lincoln Riley. Prior to that he coached tight ends and special teams at Georgia under Kirby Smart for two seasons.

Riley and Smart, incidentally, were two coaches Tanner had a shot at hiring during his first head coaching search five years ago.

Am I saying Beamer is a bad hire? No.  As I have previously noted his hiring is “terrible on paper,”  but the 44-year-old Charleston, S.C. native does have “a strong reputation as a recruiter and motivator of talent” – including four years spent in Columbia, S.C. as an assistant on the staff of former head coach Steve Spurrier. Also, coaching is obviously in his blood given the success of his father, longtime Virginia Tech head coach Frank Beamer.

Basically, I think there is a 10 percent chance Beamer becomes an elite college football coach – taking the Gamecock program to new heights. But there is also a 40 percent chance he becomes a middle-of-the-road hire who enjoys only marginal success and a 50 percent chance he winds up as another Muschamp – or worse.

The odds are just not in his favor …

You Think The University Of South Carolina Is A Disaster Now? Wait Until Football Season – FITSNews

Michigan is Holding Camps in Georgia – Again

Michigan has assumed that its self-assessment as a national power will allow it to attract throngs on 5-stars as it hits the road with its traveling camps. Nice try, Coach.

Michigan is set to head out of region as well. On June 1, the same date as the Eastern Michigan camp, Michigan will be represented in the Atlanta-area at the Mercer Raise The Bar mega camp — Georgia Tech, Mississippi State and Northwestern are some other P5 programs slated to be in attendance.

Michigan will also stick around in Georgia and participate in the Champions Elite Camp at La Grange College on June 3-4.

Michigan has made recruiting the Peach State a priority. The Wolverines hold a commitment from three-star Georgia tight end Marlin Klein and are set to receive official visits from fellow Georgia prospects like Rivals100 tight end Oscar Delp and three-star edge rusher Joshua Josephs.

Michigan To Take Part In Satellite Camps Across The Country – Rivals.com – Michigan

Bobby Bowden Wanted SEC, But FSU Opted For ACC

During Bowden’s time at and near the top of D1 football, most fans across the country were convinced that the ‘Nole would have had a far more difficult road to its natties if it had to go through an sec schedule annually – much like Clemson today. Bowden confirms it with this quote:

“They did want us, they did invite us to join the SEC. Everybody thought we would join. In fact, I thought we would but our administration — the president and others — wanted the ACC, which really was better for us,” Bowden said. “It would have been hard wading through that SEC. Too many good teams in there, boy. Oh, gosh. Oh, that would have been some great ball.”

European Football Players Tour Programs

Maybe this has been going on previously and I missed it, but in the continuing trend toward various services offering recruiting service to potential CFB players, we now have a European player “escort service.” Someone came up with an idea to make a buck by collecting and transporting EU based American football player a swing through the U.S. to showcase their talents:

PPI Recruits DreamChasers Tour will be bringing an intriguing group of prospects from Europe around the United States, headlined by Top247 defensive tackle Hero Kanu.

“We have a handful of guys just as talented as him,” PPI founder Brandon Collier said.

The DreamChasers Tour will include close to 25 players, beginning with Georgia on June 1, Clemson on June 2, the Mercer camp on June 3, Alabama on June 4, Florida State on June 6, Tennessee and West Virginia on June 7, Ohio State on June 8, Kennesaw State on June 9, Texas A&M on June 10, Texas on June 11, Oklahoma on June 12, TCU on June 13, Baylor on June 14 and LSU on June 16.

European prospects visiting and camping at college football powerhouses in June

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