DDT: Why QB Problems in 2020 Are Different For Georgia

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DDT: Why QB Problems in 2020 Are Different For Georgia

Georgia quarterback Stetson Bennett (13) during the Bulldogs’ game with Florida in Jacksonville, Fla., on Saturday, Nov. 7, 2020. (Photo by Matt Stamey)

It seems like there have been quarterback issues at Georgia for years now. Fromm-Eason, Fromm-Fields, Fromm, and well now the 2020 debacle. Many in the Georgia Bulldog fanbase and the media lamented Jake Fromm playing over Justin Fields, and some even thought Jacob Eason should’ve gotten his job back during Fromm’s freshman year. However, the situation now is totally different.

In years past there were 2 quarterbacks on the roster that were capable of winning games, big games, for the Dawgs. In every big game that Jake Fromm played in, even the losses, it was extremely hard to pin the blame on him. Coaching decisions, special teams blunders, and an offensive system that did not scheme receivers open on a routine basis plagued Jake Fromm. That has not been the case for the quarterbacks in 2020. Stetson Bennett IV and Dwan Mathis have both had receivers running wide open at times, and the talent that Georgia has currently on the outside, even though young, is every bit as good as it was the previous 3 seasons. Plain and simple, a lack of high quality QB play has hurt Georgia.

People have clamored to someone other than Stetson Bennett IV to be the signal caller, but the truth is, and it’s quite apparent, Bennett IV is the best option that Georgia has at the moment. Yes, he’s physically limited, and yes he’s turned the ball over too much. At least he looks like he belongs on the field in terms of his demeanor and his instincts. Bennett IV is going to compete and he’s going to help the offense run in a more complete manner. The quarterback issue this season is not who should start, but that there is not a quarterback on the roster that is currently capable of playing at the level needed to win big games.





Stetson Bennett IV gives Georgia the best chance to win the remainder of their games, but is that the best thing for the future of the program? I also say yes. With no recruiting visits on-campus, the product on the field is the best representation of programs to prospects in the time of COVID. Winning brings momentum. Worry about next year next year, and do what can be done with Stetson Bennett IV this year to finish 8-2 and then move on. Brock Vandagriff is on the horizon, and Carson Beck, JT Daniels, and Dwan Mathis will all benefit from spring ball… if they’re all still around, highly doubtful they will be.





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