Veteran Linemen Dyshon Sims Talks Freshmen Offensive Linemen

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Veteran Linemen Dyshon Sims Talks Freshmen Offensive Linemen

Lamont Gaillard and Dyshon Sims
Lamont Gaillard and Dyshon Sims

After practice, the media caught up with veteran offensive linemen, Dyshon Sims and he shared his thoughts on the line so far. He praised the freshmen who arrived earlier this summer and how far they’ve come in such a short time.

“All those guys have come along good. I mean I think they all fit in the program well,” Sims said. “They are taking really good accountability for understanding the plays and they are in there every day. They’re in there every single day learning the plays learning the new schemes that we got for each install. It’s kind of amazing to see how fast they catch on to the offense.”

Sims noted that as a leader he helps the freshmen with whatever they need. He mentioned how smart they are in the film room and that they spend a lot of time there.

“ Honestly, I’m kind of with everybody because I play all of the positions,” Sims noted. “So I tell them whatever you need help with anything any questions that you have with the install you can call my phone or go to the meeting room. We go to the meeting room all the time and we just run through the plays and I kind of show them the schemes and help them understand the basic concepts and they are catching on well.”

Finally, he let us in on what advice he gives these young linemen. Sims wants the freshmen to come to him and trust him. The tone of his voice let us know that he sincerely cared about these guys and their success.

“It’s all a part of it,” Sims said. “I just try and keep their morale high because some plays you might get beat but you got to keep having that mentality that the next play will be better. So I just try and keep them motivated whenever they get down. I tell them look I’ve been in that same position when I came in, and I had guys help me get through it and I am going to the same.”

Check out Sim’s full interview below:


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