Fields And Fromm The New Thunder And Lightening Of Georgia Football

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Fields And Fromm The New Thunder And Lightening Of Georgia Football

Jake Fromm (11) and Justin Fields (1)

Michael Barnett spoke to the media about Georgia’s two talented quarterbacks. The junior defensive lineman quickly noted that the two are like fire and ice. With two quarterbacks that bring different skills to the game, Barnett sees it as a good thing for the offense.

Through five games, Georgia has used both quarterbacks in each game. Jake Fromm is the starter, but Justin Fields comes in for a drive or two. Barnett sees this as a good thing and reminded him of what the Bulldogs did with Nick Chubb and Sony Michel.

“It is sort of like last year when we had Sony and Nick, you know fire and ice or thunder and lightning,” Barnett said. “You never know when you have a gun-slinger type or a mobile quarterback back there. Both of them can run the ball very well and both can throw the ball very well. I think having that trait in both of them helps our team and puts ourselves in good situations. For instance, if a team is a run-stop heavy team then we can pass it on them whereas if they are a pass-coverage team then we can run it more.”





Barnett knows the quarterbacks pretty well because he goes up against them every day in practice. He notes that because of the different styles, it potentially helps the defense prepare for the quarterbacks they’ll face. The defense must know what to do if it faces a dual-threat guy like Fields or a pro-style passer like Fromm.

“As long as we focus on fundamentals, technique and working on what we need to work on than anybody that we go against, we can face,” Barnett states. “We expect the worst and pray for the best. If the quarterback knows how to throw the ball well then we’ll go in pass rush situations, whereas if a quarterback knows how to run the ball well then we’ll key on funneling him in to keep him from scrambling around.”













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