Florida native Kenny McIntosh is locked and loaded for the upcoming rivalry matchup

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Florida native Kenny McIntosh is locked and loaded for the upcoming rivalry matchup

Georgia’s running back room has experienced its fair share of hits so far this season, as is what’s expected with the nature of the position. While notable names like Kendall Milton and freshman Andrew Paul will be sidelined against the Gators, it’s given way for others to really establish themselves as forces coming out of the backfield. 

The starting back, Kenny McIntosh, was getting touches regardless of the injuries to Milton and Paul, but their absence, Milton’s injury has especially, shifted more weight on McIntosh’s shoulders alongside Daijun Edwards, and Branson Robinson. And after coming back from a minor leg injury suffered against Kent State earlier in the season, McIntosh has been all good and is ready to show up and show out against his home state in his home state. 

When asked about how it’s been since coming back from the thigh contusion in Week 4 of the season, McIntosh seemed okay and simply responded, “I’m good.”





Being a Florida native, McIntosh still has some bias for his home state. He explained to us that a part of the Georgia-Florida rivalry has to do with Georgia believing that they produce better athletes than Florida, but McIntosh gave his input and said, “…that’s not really true and accurate.”

On a more serious note though, when asked what he thought about the rivalry now having played in it for three going on four years, he gave credit to the Gators and warned us not to underestimate them.

“It’s a four-quarter game,” McIntosh said.





The game will start fast according to the veteran back. 

If you pay any attention to statistics, you’ll know that the Florida Gators are in possession of the most efficient running games in the SEC. At 6.3 yards per carry, they’ll definitely be dangerous there, and if the defense slips up and lets a big run slide, it’ll be on Kenny McIntosh and the offense to stand up and answer. 





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