Friday’s Bowl Game Practice has the Dawgs Excited

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Friday’s Bowl Game Practice has the Dawgs Excited

The offensive line runs a drill.
The offensive line runs a drill. Photo by: Greg Poole/Bulldawg Illustrated


During practice on Friday, there was one thing for sure, the team had this electricity flowing throughout them. The team yelled and got physical with each other on a cold, windy afternoon. There weren’t many changes from Thursday’s practice to Friday’s, but the energy was enticing. You could almost seemingly reach out and touch it.


The most noticeable thing was the amount of passion coming through the players. The offensive line ran drills and after every drill, No. 53, Lamont Gillard would holler and pump up the rest of the guys. They were talking smack and getting in each other’s ears. They seem to be pushing each other to practice harder and more physical.


In addition to the players, Coaches Tracy Rocker and Scott Sinclair lifted the mood at practice with their shouts of encouragement. Strength and Condition Coach Scott Sinclair, in particular, was in an expressive mood. He walked around campus with nothing but a sleeveless t-shirt, shorts, shoes, and a beanie cap. Sinclair went from drill to drill pumping up the team. Tracy Rocker was on the same page as Sinclair. He used some colorful language to motivate his D-line. After that, the players stepped up and started running the drill up to Rocker’s standards.


As for Injuries, Natrez Patrick was still in a black jersey. Michael Chigbu was also not in attendance, as I didn’t observe him. Since Head Coach Kirby Smart announced in Thursday’s press conference that the sophomore wide receiver would most likely will not play in the Liberty Bowl due to continuing to heal up from his knee injury he suffered in November, we will probably not see him until he is cleared to rejoin the team at practice by the medical staff. The three players that announced yesterday that they are looking to transfer (Juwan Briscoe, Shaquery Wilson, Rico McGraw or Kirby Choates) were not there, and Greyson Lambert and Quincy Mauger were also not in attendance.


Jeb Blazevich (83)
Jeb Blazevich (83) Photo By: Greg Pool/Bulldawg Illustrated


The team seemed to be excited that it was Friday and to be out on the field. There was an electricity throughout the offensive line, defensive line and other areas that just sparked this fired up attitude. The approach seemed to work as the coaching staff seemed pleased with practice and urged the players to continue to push harder.




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