From The Field: Georgia vs. Tennessee 2021

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From The Field: Georgia vs. Tennessee 2021

This Georgia football team just keeps on winning. Flu outbreak? No problem. Facing a fired-up opponent featuring a dynamic offense? No worries, trust the developed depth and grind them into submission. Georgia is the Energizer Bunny of college football. They just keep on coming at their opponents with unyielding pressure from a roster loaded with talent.

Tennessee is the latest in a line of “much-improved” teams Georgia has faced this season. Starting with Clemson and progressing through the murder’s row of Arkansas, Auburn, Kentuck, and Florida, each suffered the same fate at the hands of Kirby’s Canines. Were they all overrated, or is Georgia that good? I’m going with the latter. Kirby Smart and his staff have demanded and obtained full buy-in from the team and have led it to the cusp of national glory.





It is always fun to see opposing fans’ “here we go again” attitude when they realize their dreams of returning to relevance are nothing more than pipe dreams. Is it not the ultimate sign of respect when a home crowd turns its collective back on their team and heads for the exits? Saturday’s crowd at venerable Neyland Stadium had bought into the hype and turned on the noise for the Vols from the opening kick. Their bravado sprang from hope, and as night fell, Georgia smashed their dreams into tiny shards. The Volunteer faithful crashed back to reality, abandoned hope, and headed for the exits, leaving vast stadium sections almost empty. As Tennessee fans volunteered to abandon their beaten and battered team to its fate, all those red-clad Dawgs who the sea of orange had obscured suddenly stood out against the empty seats – a glorious sight.

It is easy to see that UT is a much-improved football team, but ‘much improved’ is not a term that places them in the same category as the Bulldogs. I am coming around to believe that there is no better team in the country than these Dawgs. 

Alabama is on the horizon, and Georgia will be ready to stake its claim as the new king of the SEC hill in Atlanta.









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