From the Sidelines: There is No Miracle Cure

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From the Sidelines: There is No Miracle Cure

Nick Chubb (27) is tagged team by Florida's Nick Washington (8) and Daniel McMillian (13)
Nick Chubb (27) is tagged team by Florida’s Nick Washington (8) and Daniel McMillian (13)

Some people have very powerful voices. In the closing moments of another frustrating WLOCP trip, one such gentleman in the front row behind the Bulldog bench, made it his business to advise Isaiah McKenzie to demand that he be put into the game. The gentleman with the astounding vocal volume had fixated on his version of a miracle cure – IMac to the rescue.
The bellowing fan notwithstanding, there is no magic to fix what ails Georgia’s football team. There will be no sudden turnaround when the game ‘slows down’ for Jacob Eason. Georgia’s problem is one of the most fundamental in football. It’s offensive line can not block well enough to provide running room to backs who require only minimal daylight. Additionally, the game will never slow down for Eason when he is running for his life. You know it has been a bad day for your quarterback when, as he leaves the field, his uniform is just as dirty as his those of his linemen.
Right now the Dawgs are playing for a spot in the egregiously overexpanded college football bowl lineup. Making a bowl appearance at this point is not a reward for an outstanding season, rather, it is an opportunity for an extra couple of weeks of practice. There is no alternative than for the staff to continue to push forward with the players and plans that we’ve have seen. No All-Americans are sitting (undiscovered by an incompetent staff) on the bench, ready for an opportunity to dazzle the faithful. Shuffling the lineup of backs and wide receivers will not fix the problem. No amount of coaching will stop opposing defensive tackles from blowing up Nick Chubb in the backfield – not this year.
“The defense has played well enough to win every game this season,” is a remark that I have heard several times in the past couple of weeks. Even though the Ole Miss game would indicate otherwise, the statement may be true. Even in Oxford, if the offense had not kept putting the defense back on the field with three and out non-drives, Georgia’s defense has played like a credible version of the Junkyard Dawgs of old. In Jacksonville, they continued to respond despite being clearly worn down late in the second half.
Here’s hoping there are two more wins on this schedule. As I said above, this team needs the bowl practice.

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