Georgia Football: Day 12 Spring Practice/Second Scrimmage Report

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Georgia Football: Day 12 Spring Practice/Second Scrimmage Report


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Georgia held its second scrimmage on Saturday at Sanford Stadium. The usual intensity returned as the coaches attempted to fire up the team as they came off the bus. A full-tilt scrimmage with plenty of energy and physicality.  Head coach Kirby Smart and his staff yelled, “Look Alive! Look Alive!” as they came off the bus to create that atmosphere right off the bat. 



Offensive Line:


Isaiah Wilson
Isaiah Wilson
The offensive line worked on a lot of fundamentals. Pittman seemed happy with the progress but kept it intense yelling at the guys every single drill. It seemed like he yelled at every rep the players took.   Especially during the double team drill, each group Pittman told them to hit harder or had a critique to make. He tried to get Wilson and Cleveland to push harder and make those pads pop.
The first string offensive line went like this  Isaiah Wilson (RT), Ben Cleveland (RG), Lamont Gaillard (C), Solomon Kindley (LG), and Andrew Thomas (LT). As for the second team the lineup went as follows, Kendall Baker (LT), Trey Hill (LG), Warren Erickson (C), Netori Johnson (RG), and Cade Mays (RT).
I will say that Cleveland seemed back to normal after dealing with an ankle injury last week.
The group looked slim and in shape. It was the first time to get a good view of them since they’re usually on the opposite end of the media. Mays looks like he’s molding into a monster (not that he isn’t already), Wilson appears to be solidifying his spot at right tackle. As for the guards, It wouldn’t surprise me if Hill doesn’t take over a starting spot by the end of fall camp.

Wide Receivers:


Terry Godwin (5)
Terry Godwin (5)
The wideouts had plenty of good catches and some drops. Tyler Simmons just couldn’t hold onto it today. I saw him drop balls three times in a row. Terry Godwin continues to make impressive grabs, and it seems like he puts glue in his hands before practice.  Matt Landers continues to impress me; it seems he continues to add weight. It won’t surprise me if Landers doesn’t start to make an impact this season. Georgia needs another big receiver, and he could mold into that guy. Jeremiah Holloman continues to impress too, and I believe he’s another name to remember. As long as he can stay healthy with his hamstrings, I think he could be another favorite target for Jake Fromm.
Wide receiver coach, Cortez Hankton worked alongside quarterback coach/ co-offensive coordinator James Coley with the QB’s and WR’s pushing them to go harder and get faster. You could hear both of them distinctly over the other coaches.



Jake Fromm Day 12 Spring Practice
Jake Fromm Day 12 Spring Practice
It’s the best I’ve seen Fromm look and throw all of spring ball. Justin Fields had a good day too. He made a lot of nice throws and only saw two that were off point. Fromm was on target, crisp and commanded leadership. I watched him, and he exudes confidence and leadership.
G-Day will be fun to watch as these two guys go head to head. I ultimately think Fromm gets his job, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Fields sees the field some this season. (pun intended)


I didn’t get to watch the running backs as much as I wanted to this practice, but I can note that I saw D’Andre Swift and Zamir White running up and down the east end zone not participating in drills. After watching 11 other practices, this is the first time I’ve seen this, but its mainly giving them rest and letting them mend the injuries they’re fighting. Swift’s dealing with a groin issue and White of course with the knee.
Swift should be good to go for G-Day, and I expect to be fine for the season. I think the staff is just being precautious with him.



Defensive Line:

Tray Scott kept up his usual intensity on Saturday. The first team running order went Julian Rochester, DaQuan Hawkins-Muckle, and Jonathan Ledbetter. Second team reps went Tyler Clark, Devonte Wyatt, and Malik Herring. I will say when I watched the defensive line Herring didn’t get any negative comments from his teammates or coaches. So with that, I chalk up Thursday’s struggles to be an off day for him. Hawkins-Muckle receives the redemption player of the week after he didn’t impress me on Tuesday. He flew around and hit hard during the drills.



Monty Rice (32), Nate McBride (22) and Glenn Schumann
Monty Rice (32), Nate McBride (22) and Glenn Schumann
The Linebackers were on the far side of the field from the media, so I’m putting the inside backs and outside backs together since it was hard to tell the difference between the two positions. I heard both Dan Lanning and Glen Schumann from across the field too. Intensity, intensity, and a little more intensity came from both of them during the eight-minute viewing period.
Tae Crowder took some first-team reps during the media period is one of the first things I saw.  Brenton Cox looks massive, I think I say this every time I watch the defense, but man he is big. The linebackers worked on hand placement and speed drills.



Richard LeCounte
Richard LeCounte
Mel Tucker appeared a lot more vocal on Saturday with his unit. He had the guys work on hand placement went blocking and some footwork drills. During one of the drills, Smart came over and picked on Richard LeCounte as usual. He told LeCounte, “I need more pop than that Richard!!!” I mean he yelled that. After he yelled it, he came over to LeCounte and showed him exactly how to fix it and what to do.  The intensity that Smart brings with him to each position boosts the players’ mentality, I think. After he came and showed LeCounte what to do, the whole group seemed to hunker down and get more into the drill.
The first team corners appeared to be Deandre Baker and Mark Webb. LeCounte and J.R. Reed at the first team safeties and Tyrique McGhee played at the STAR position. Behind them, Latavious Brini, Ameer Speed, Eric Stokes, William Poole and Tray Bishop shared the reps.
Jarvis Wilson came off the bus on crutches and in a boot and is unlikely to play on G-Day. Wilson’s injury may prove to be a concern with the amount of depth concern Smart keeps mentioning.

Bits and Pieces:

We got to see the progress of The West End Zone Project finally. The jumbo screen is much bigger than the former one and is up and running. Construction workers continued work during the scrimmage as it seems they’re getting the bleachers finished up for G-Day. The endzone brightens up the stadium and gives it a fresh look. One thing I will say is the poor hedges looked rough. Due to the construction, some of the hedges had to be stored elsewhere which is one of the reasons it seems so sick. Hopefully, by football season, the hedges will be back to normal and complete the new look of Sanford Stadium.
Another thing to note is the number of recruits there at practice. Families and prospects were all along the sidelines and in the bleachers watching practice. Some of the faces I saw were Warren McClendon, Leonard Manuel, Jabari Blake, Julian Fleming, Bryone Young and Amari Knight. There was a lot more out there, but most didn’t turn around and I just saw the back of their heads.
Finally, Natrez Patrick wasn’t at practice while the media was out there, but arrived after we left. According to Smart, he had a funeral to attend.

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