Georgia Football: Day Seven Fall Camp Practice Report

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Georgia Football: Day Seven Fall Camp Practice Report

Jonathan Ledbetter - August 7, 2013
Jonathan Ledbetter – August 7, 2013

Hustle was the motto of the day for football practice number seven of Georgia’s Fall Camp. Coach Kirby Smart, James Coley, Sam Pittman, and Trey Scott all used hustle throughout the practice. The motto seemed to be hustle hard even when you’re not in a drill because if you push hard, you’ll mold into a champion.
Day Seven was on the offensive and defensive line. I watched both units carefully and here are my takeaways from each.

Ben Cleveland (74) and Isaiah Wilson (79)
Ben Cleveland (74) and Isaiah Wilson (79)



First things first, the offensive line impressed me today. They seem to be getting better daily and day seven continued that trend. During the media period, the unit practiced pull and cross block drills. The tight ends also participated in these drills, and Sam Pittman made a few hustle comments and even told the tight ends, “put those pads down.” Pittman made it a point to make everyone hear that too. Cross block drills are where the tackle takes a bucket step which allows the tight end to come up and set the block. The point of the exercise is to get a hole in the inside position, so they cross to make the hole.
During the final period, freshman Andrew Thomas appeared to work with the first team at left guard. Dyshon Sims took most of the reps at left tackle for the missing starter, Isaiah Wynn. I’m not sure why he wasn’t there, but he wasn’t there while the media was. Ben Cleveland took some reps with the first unit at right tackle with Isaiah Wilson behind him. Lamont Gillard stayed at center, and Solomon Kindley looked to remain at right guard while Pat Allen continued to work at right tackle.
One other observation on this group… the offensive line looks huge. It’s nice to see a big line at Georgia, and Pittman looks to be right in his element with these guys. Sims gave the media some insight on just how big this group is this year, saying that none of the O-line guys are under 300 pounds. Sims said he weighed in at Fall Camp at a spry 305 lbs and that he might be the smallest guy out there. Now that is a big line.

Trent Thompson - August 7, 2017
Trent Thompson – August 7, 2017



Another big unit is Georgia’s defensive line. Trent Thompson, Julian Rochester, and Malik Herring made me say “wow” today. Thompson stature was gigantic! He received praise from Scott and looked to take charge of the reps. Scott told the d-line that “Those forearms should be squeezing the rib cages of running backs.” That comment seemed to fire up the line which made them push even harder.
Malik Herring observed and took some good reps during the viewing period. He’s raw but shows incredible potential. Herring showed future All-American talent, and I can’t wait to see how he improves.
The defensive line seemed to improve from week one to week two. Scott appears to have his guys running new and useful drills which challenge them even more.
Day seven showed promise for both lines and just how much potential the Bulldogs have in the trenches. By the end of camp, if the progress stays at this pace, Georgia’s lines will be lethal and ready to go for the season.
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