Georgia Football: Fall Camp Day 10 Practice Report

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Georgia Football: Fall Camp Day 10 Practice Report

Terry Godwin - August 10, 2017
Terry Godwin – August 10, 2017

Georgia Football hosted day 10 of fall camp and proved the nine days before were just warm-ups. Head coach Kirby Smart urged the guys to take it up a notch when the media first got there, and the players did just that. Today was all about the offense in my observations and here are my take aways from day 10.

Wide Receivers:


Ahkil Crumpton - August 10, 2017
Ahkil Crumpton – August 10, 2017

The first area I observed was the wide-outs. They worked on some fundamental cutting drills. One of the leaders of the group, junior Terry Godwin, pushed and motivated each guy that went after he demonstrated the exercise. He urged new comers like Matt Landers, Trey Blount, and Ahkil Crumpton to plant hard and squeeze.
Coach James Coley vocalized a little more than usual as he told the guys “to take it and stick it,” over and over again. He praised Godwin for his leadership and coached up Ahkil Crumpton. As the smallest wide-out in the group, the drill made it look like Crumpton was ‘pitter pattering’ his feet. Coley demonstrated what he wanted, and Crumpton fixed his feet.

WR Coach James Coley - August 10, 2017
WR Coach James Coley – August 10, 2017

However, right before the media left, the wide receivers worked with some defensive backs on coverage catches. Coley went from happy to mad in under two minutes. Blount missed a ball that he should have caught which caused the coach to say a few inappropriate words.  During the drill, walk-on freshman J.T. Dooley made a couple of nice grabs. For the first time, I saw Crumpton drop a ball, however, it wasn’t thrown by a quarterback but an assistant.
Michael Chigbu, Javon Wims, and Mark Webb, Jr. all practiced some with the tight ends before they returned to the group. Jeremiah Holloman who tweaked his hamstring stood off to the side and worked with head trainer Ron Courson.



Jacob Eason
Jacob Eason

Jacob Eason’s confidence seems to grow daily. As I watched him during practice today, he just looked on target. Eason threw darts and not one pass that I watched was off target. I know that he doesn’t have the pass rush right now, but from what I saw, he just looked impressive.
One of the assistants stood next to Eason and Jake Fromm and worked with them some on their footwork. The two took his advice and benefited from it. However, Ramsey looked a little out of practice.
Back to Fromm, the freshman looked more accurate today and made some nice throws. He looked a bit more confident and focused on his fundamentals.

Running backs:


D'Andre Swift with the catch - August 10, 2017
D’Andre Swift with the catch – August 10, 2017

I haven’t mentioned much about the self-proclaimed “RBU” over the previous nine days of practice, but I got to watch them some today. Nick Chubb and Sony Michel both look in great shape. D’Andre Swift is a big guy and I am excited to get to see him play. He runs hard and has a great set of hands on him. Chubb makes things look so easy and during drills just took charge as a leader. The backs seemed to be working on catching the ball out of the backfield a lot more than usual today. As a unit, the running backs looked in sync with each other and sharp. I cannot wait to see them in a game-like situation.
Day 10 showed some freshmen mistakes, but even more senior leadership. While the media was out there, each offensive position had a veteran that motivated their teammates. Godwin with the receivers and Chubb with the running backs. It’s nice to see the leaders on this 2017 Bulldog team continue to grow as Fall Camp progresses.
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