Georgia Football Fall Camp: Day 12 Practice Report

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Georgia Football Fall Camp: Day 12 Practice Report

Jake Fromm (11)
Jake Fromm (11)
Georgia went back outside for Thursday’s practice and boy it was hot. It was probably the most humid day since camp started. Steve and I break down each side of the ball for day 12 of camp.

Savannah’s Offense Report

With it being the twelfth day of the camp along with the weather, the team appeared to feel it. The guys practiced hard, but the coaches appeared to give a lot more compliments and encouraging words instead of chewing them out like previous days. Kirby Smart mentioned to the media this week that the team appeared to hit that “camp wall” so they had to change up practice to keep a high intensity.
I overheard a fellow media member talked about the team. “They’re getting tired and don’t have a lot of life in them. Even the coaches seemed tired,” they said.
For the first time this fall the staff wasn’t near as intense on the players as the other days. The staff was hard on the guys yesterday, but with the heat and humidity, the staff appeared to have backed off on the guys. Kirby mentioned yesterday they seemed to have hit a wall with some guys. So it seemed they backed off some today.

Terry Godwin (5)
Terry Godwin (5)
Injury update:
  • Terry Godwin back at practice running through the drills without any problems that I noticed.
  • Kearis Jackson returned to practice as well. He ran through drills without a problem
  • No Jackson Harris who has a foot injury
  • No Luke Ford with his motorcycle accident this morning.


Wide Receivers:
Tommy Bush (12)
Tommy Bush (12)
One of the coaches giving encouraging words was wideouts coach Cortez Hankton. He praised Tommy Bush for making a good catch at one point during a drill. Then he encouraged Demetris Robertson to stay tight.
I will also note today was the first time I saw this group do the jump ball drill. It was a drill where each receiver jumps up and makes hard to reach catches. Matt Landers and Tommy Bush excelled of course, but Holloman looked good during this drill too.

Tight Ends:

I’ll note that Woerner looks a lot thicker in the upper-body area and has that mature football player look. Isaac Nauta seems thinner in all the right places. He’s toned up some and just looks so good.
Nauta had a rather funny interaction with one of the strength coaches. The coach yelled at him, “Let’s go Nauta!” and the junior tight end quickly responded, “I’m here, baby!!” I liked the interaction and it shows how close these players are to the staff.


Jake Fromm appeared back to his usual self. Just as crisp and accurate as ever. Justin Fields did too… The group worked on footwork a lot and moving around in the pocket. Coley tried to explain a drill to them and the guys looked confused a little. He told them, “As long as I don’t say that in Spanish you should be good right?” thought that was kind of funny.

Running backs:
Zamir White (3)
Zamir White (3)
This group worked on more fundamentals and conditioning drills. They worked through a drill with resistance bands. This drill works on them using greater force. The running backs ran through agility drills and then did some juking and cutting drills. Zamir White looked AWESOME through that drill. He made clean cuts and showed no sign of injury at all. I’m impressed with his progress.

Offensive Line:
Offensive linemen go through drills
Offensive linemen go through drills
Sam Pittman had the group work on more fundamentals. They didn’t line up as a full unit just were in tackles in one group and guards in another. Not much else to report here. The heat did seem to affect Wilson some today, but that heat affected everyone to be honest.

Steve’s Defense Report

Quick Injury update

  • Divaad Wilson was working individually inside the IPF still getting comfortable with his knee.
  • Robert Beal was not seen at practice today. It is an undisclosed injury according to Kirby Smart.
  • Nate McBride was back participating in drills. He had an undisclosed injury that kept him out of the previous practice.
Defensive Line:

For the better part of fall camp, the defensive line rotation has been
1s: Jonathan Ledbetter, Tyler Clark, Julian Rochester
2s: David Marshall, Jay Hayes, Michail Carter/ Devonte Wyatt
The will most likely end up being the 2 deep going into the season.

Dan Lanning  - UGA Spring Practice Day 2 - March 22, 2018
Dan Lanning – UGA Spring Practice Day 2 – March 22, 2018

I focused mainly on the OLB’s today. Dan Lanning had a couple of moments that were comical with his players. While running a pass-rushing drill, Dan Lanning was acting as the tackle and was trying to stop players from getting to the QB. Well, Keyon Richardson had a hard time getting to the QB against lockdown tackle Lanning and some of the players had a laugh as well as Richardson saying, “D**n! coach!” “Why you giving me a hard time!” that gave me a chuckle. I did see Brenton Cox being coachable today and focused. I wonder if Kirby getting onto him mellowed his attitude out.


Think the best part of watching the secondary was seeing the player try to cool off during each drill by walking in the IPF. I don’t blame them the heat was miserable and that AC was like gold.

Tyson Campbell (3)
Tyson Campbell (3)
Tyson Campbell surprised me today. I didn’t realize how physical he could be. It caught me off guard seeing him really punch some of the opposing DB’s back during one of the drills. The freshman is known to be a lockdown corner and I can image how hard it is if he is covering you because he has the type of punch that will stop a receiver from even being able to run a route.

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