Georgia Football Fall Camp: Day 16 Practice Report

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Georgia Football Fall Camp: Day 16 Practice Report

Ameer Speed (9) and Tray Bishop (12)
Ameer Speed (9) and Tray Bishop (12)
Day 16 for Georgia’s Fall camp was a hot one. With the sun glaring down on them, the team worked on a lot of fundamentals. Steve and I break down each side of the ball and our observations of Day 16 for fall camp. 

Savannah’s Offense Report:

Georgia’s offense worked a lot on fundamentals during the second period the media was there. However in the first period, part of the offense continued to work on the ‘Wild Dawg’ formation. James Cook and D’Andre Swift worked alongside the quarterbacks to run through the formation. This drill is something we’ve seen almost every day the media’s out there. Elijah Holyfield and Brian Herrien worked out with them as well.

Injury Update
  • Jayson Stanley off to the side with Ron Courson worked on some exercises
  • I didn’t see Zamir White out there of course.
  • Still no Jackson Harris with his foot injury



Jake Fromm (11)
Jake Fromm (11)
Jake Fromm had his best practice of fall camp today. There wasn’t anything he couldn’t do today without making it look so easy. He was getting a little more vocal during drills and encouraged the other quarterbacks and even some of the wideouts. I overheard another media member note that, “This is best Fromm’s looked all fall and the best he’s thrown all fall.”
He made multiple catches that made me go wow. The most ‘wow’ throw of them was right at the end of the media period when he chunked a beauty to Ahkil Crumpton that dropped right over his shoulders into his hands. Fromm’s placement and accuracy were perfect, not to mention Crumpton’s ability to make that catch.  The sophomore showed up today and looked a lot stronger than he has in past practices. The throws looked so good, coach James Coley yelled at him, “Yes sir!! I like that!”
Justin Fields made some nice throws as well, but Fromm was the winner of day 16 in my opinion.

Running backs:

Elijah Holyfield (13)
Elijah Holyfield (13)
Cook continues making strides in the running back group. He looks stronger and in shape than he did 16 practices ago. The cool thing this group did today was work through an “obstacle course” that worked on ball control, agility and speed.  Cook looked strong through this drill along with Swift.
Holyfield looked the best during the drill where the backs caught passes out of the backfield. He continues to impress me, and I’m ready to see his progress on the field in a game type situation.

Wide Receivers:

Ahkil Crumpton (25)
Ahkil Crumpton (25)
Georgia’s wideouts worked a lot on over the shoulder catches and sideline catches. They worked through some route drills as well. Demetris Robertson flew through the drills with ease. It appears he’s getting more and more comfortable with this group. However, Crumpton is probably my under the radar guy for this season. The more I watch and see him grow, the more excited it makes me. He’s talented and can’t miss a pass.

Offensive Line:

Not much to report on the offensive line. Sam Pittman continued fundamentals and the team stayed in position groups and worked on footwork drills and some proper blocking technique drills. Justin Shaffer seems to be a lot stronger and leaner. I’ve noted this before but this group is in shape.

Steve’s Defense Report

Initial Observations

-Robert Beal was at practice today and appeared to be 100% fine.
-Jeff Foxworthy was in attendance today watching the Mel Tucker coach the secondary
-Divaad Wilson is still nursing that knee injury and was doing some individual sprints on the side.
-Malcolm Mitchell was present at practice today with crutches.

Defensive Line:

Justin Young (92)
Justin Young (92)
I continue to see good work from the defensive line and I really like Tray Scott’s coaching approach. There is never a moment he does not have the kids focus. Of all the practices I have seen, this position group works the hardest in my opinion. Jonathan Ledbetter is really becoming a vocal leader and the other players respond well to Ledbetter’s criticism. I really expect this to be a gritty group that picks up right where it left off last season.


Brenton Cox (1), Dan Lanning, Keyon Richardson (11)
Brenton Cox (1), Dan Lanning, Keyon Richardson (11)
The ILB’s and OLB’s got some work together against the third team offense reacting to the read option. I’m really liking the young guys who are just waiting for an opportunity. Adam Anderson is a speed demon. He jumps off the ball and can run laterally faster than any other player. Brenton Cox has the size to immediate play. He is big enough to not get pushed around in the run game and also capable of rushing the passer. Quay Walker is another physical specimen that reminds of the great Alabama linebackers that go through there every year and it’s just hard to imagine a world where he doesn’t see the field. The kid is a freak and super talented.


Tyson Campbell (3) work through a cut blocking drill.
Tyson Campbell (3) work through a cut blocking drill.
To give you an idea of what I saw from this group today the first thing I heard out of Mel Tucker’s mouth was,” Get off that water!” Mel Tucker had the players moving at a fast pace the entire time not wasting a second. Some of the players had mental lapses and were trying to suck down water. For example, Tyson Campbell stopped halfway through a drill and forgot to scoop the fumble. The secondary worked on getting away from cut blocks.
Besides some mistakes, the group looked fine. I still think the projected starters as of today will be:
Corners: Deandre Baker and Mark Webb
Safeties: Richard LeCounte and J.R. Reed
Star: Deangelo Gibbs/Tyrique McGhee(injured)
Those will be the main guys rotating in my opinion, but there are multiple other players that will be shuffled in the rotation somehow.

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