Georgia Football Fall Camp: Day 17 Practice Report

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Georgia Football Fall Camp: Day 17 Practice Report

Kirby Smart

Defense Practice Report:

-Divaad Wilson is still doing individual work. He was inside the IPF that was open during out viewing period.
-I saw a handful of interesting players working at the star position. Adam Anderson, William Poole, Walter Grant, and Otis Reese were getting reps at the position.
-Quay Walker was working with the secondary 1s and was getting hands on attention from Kirby Smart.
-NFL scouts were in attendance. I saw the Arizona Cardinals, Houston Texans, and Buffalo Bills.


Mel Tucker was more laid back today talking to his players. “Everyone alright? “Ok its time to put in work.” The main group in the secondary consisted of Mark Webb, Tyson Campbell, Ameer Speed, Richard LeCounte, Tray Bishop, Deangelo Gibbs, Otis Reese, J.R. Reed, and Eric Stokes. Eric Stokes has elevated his game a little and is getting more attention as of recent. It will be interesting to see how much he plays this year. The best thing to happen today in this position group was watching Kirby yell at Deandre Baker who was slacking off in his eyes in front of the NFL scouts.
“All these god d*** scouts came to watch you practice and you acting like you don’t give a f***!,” Smart said. “Wake up!”


Walter Grant (84)
This was the best group to watch today as Dan Lanning had them firing on all cylinders. The intensity was high and there were some interesting things to see. Adam Anderson was getting work at the star along with Otis Reese. These two freshman must be making a good impression with Smart as this is a jack of all trades position. I also was observing the OLB’s in one drill and noticed how good Keyon Richardson’s feet are. He is surprisingly athletic and had some of the best feet that I saw.

Offense Practice Report:

-Jackson Harris was still absent from practice with a foot injury
-Jayson Stanley was not seen at practice
-I saw Malcolm Mitchell at practice again today


Day 17 - 2018 UGA Fall Camp - August 22, 2018
Jake Fromm and Justin Fields were both in sync today and hitting receivers at the turn. They were working on curl routes and receivers weren’t having to wait for the ball it was being delivered on time. Overall it was a solid day from both QB’s and they should be ready for the start of the season.


Terry Godwin (5)
There wasn’t a position group on the offensive side of the ball that looked bad and that goes with the receivers. I think it was one of the better days in terms of running crips routes and catching the ball consistently for this group. Terry Godwin looks 100% and poised for another great season. The only bad rep seen today was Tyler Simmons dropping a routine ball.

Offensive Line:

Day 17 - 2018 UGA Fall Camp - August 22, 2018
The rotation was the same for the 1s. LT Andrew Thomas, LG Kendall Baker, C Lamont Gaillard, RG Ben Cleveland, RT Isaiah Wilson. The position to watch is the left guard spot. I think Kendall Baker is a safe starter as of right now, but any sign of weakness from him and some of the younger guys will be nipping at his heels. This is a good thing because the depth on the offensive line is something serious in Athens.

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