Georgia Football: LSU Week Wednesday Practice Report

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Georgia Football: LSU Week Wednesday Practice Report

Jonathan Ledbetter (13)
Jonathan Ledbetter (13)

Georgia changed things up on Wednesday in preparation for LSU. The offense practiced in the indoor facility while the defense and some of the scout team practiced outside. Below, Steve and I give our takeaways from Wednesday’s practice. 

Savannah’s Offense Report

Georgia's offensive line works through a drill in preparation for upcoming LSU game.
Georgia’s offensive line works through a drill in preparation for the upcoming LSU game.

— Sam Pittman got vocal on Wednesday with his offensive line. A lot of his words were constructive criticism, but most of it was him trying to get the group excited.

— He told Cade Mays, “good Cade! Good Cade!” Then he would yell, “get up, get up, get up, get up!”





— The group worked through combo blocks and then one-on-one tackles.

— Solomon Kindley returned to practice and worked with his usual group.

— Undergraduate assistant John Theus gave Isaiah Wilson advice on his game, but he said it to where I couldn’t hear. But Wilson thanked him and then continued the drill.





Jayson Stanley (2)
Jayson Stanley (2)

— James Coley had the quarterback, and wide receivers work through various routes. The group worked on go routes, sideline routes and then some hook routes.

— You could hear Coley all the way from the other end of the practice facility.

— Both Jake Fromm and Justin Fields looked strong. They both made good crisp passes and looked confident.

Jim Chaney
Jim Chaney

— Jim Chaney went on quite a rant with Luke Ford today. He used way too many cuss words to give yall the quote. I will say that Ford messed up the block and didn’t understand what Chaney wanted out of them. Chaney yelled at him and then explained what to do. Ford did what he was asked to do and fixed his mistakes the next rep.

— I also saw an NFL scout out there watching the defense, but the logo blended into his shirt.

Steve’s Defense Report

Jay Hayes (07)
Jay Hayes (07)

— Devonte Wyatt didn’t have a brace on his knee. He looked stiff but wasn’t limping nearly as bad as he was yesterday. It seems like Wyatt is making some progress. He was moving much better than he was yesterday.

— Quay Walker had a brace on his left knee but seemed to be fine. There weren’t any limitations, and he practiced without any problems.

— Natrez Patrick had an addition to his pads today as he added one of those neck rolls.

— David Marshall and Daquan Hawkins-Muckle were still absent from practice.

— Jordan Davis wore No. 90 today and continued to work in the DL rotation.

— Kirby Smart worked with the DB’s and focused on them the entire time the media was out there. They worked on a few of LSU’s receiver sets. The group worked on defending several different LSU route patterns.





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