Georgia Football Practice Report: Coley Preaching Two Things

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Georgia Football Practice Report: Coley Preaching Two Things

James Coley – wide receivers coach
James Coley – wide receivers coach

Wide receivers coach James Coley is one of the more vocal coaches for the Bulldogs and he had a lot of encouragement for his players today.

Coley was constantly involved with his group during the media’s open practice period and he made it known that he wanted two things from his wide receivers. He continuously yelled for them to “Hustle, Hustle, Hustle,” and he said that they “needed to catch all day.” Coley also was very involved during the ball protection drill and even ripped at the ball when Riley Ridley was taking his rep. Ridley was able to hold on to the ball despite Coley’s relentless effort.
Wide receivers were working on catching over their shoulder throws and most caught the pass that was thrown to them and there were very few drops. Michael Chigbu was also out there and seemed to be a full participant during practice. Chigbu did not make the trip to Nashville and has been dealing with a shoulder injury.
As for the rest of the offense, the quarterbacks did not do much during the media’s open period, but they did work on three to five-step drops and Eason looked very comfortable throughout even though he was wearing the brace. Fromm should still start but Eason seems to be getting closer and closer to being 100%.
The offensive line continued to hold the same starting five of Isaiah Wynn, Kendall Baker, Lamont Gaillard, Solomon Kindley, and Andrew Thomas. Kindley was mentioned by coach Smart as being “fine,” when asked about is status.
As for the defense, The defensive line worked on their get off but this time it was interesting to see the group working in fours. They also worked on getting around the edge which is a drill I have not seen this group work on thus far this season as this drill was usually worked on by outside linebackers.
This could possibly point to more four-man fronts against Mizzou but I think they will still run with three-man fronts for the majority though.
Also, I did not see Trenton Thompson or Reggie Carter working with the defense today. Natrez Patrick was out there and seemed to be working with the first group during drills. It was interesting to see him working with the first group because he was arrested for possession of Marijuana this past Thursday, which was his second offense of UGA’s alcohol and drug policy.


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