Georgia Football Practice Report: “Don’t Be Soft”

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Georgia Football Practice Report: “Don’t Be Soft”

WR Coach James Coley - August 10, 2017
Georgia Wide Receiver’s Coach James Coley

Monday afternoon’s Georgia football practice was similar to each of the practices prior to it, in that, coaches preached effort and hustle throughout the period and the players went to work.


One of the more vocal coaches at practice today was offensive coordinator Jim Chaney as he was urging his quarterbacks to put forth more effort. Chaney was yelling at his quarterbacks as he said, “Let’s go guys! Pick up the energy! We didn’t play half the game!” Chaney is usually not one of the more vocal coaches but he did get after his guys today.
Coach Coley, who usually is always talking to his players, was just as vocal as any other day as he urged players to not be soft during a ball protection drill. He told the players that the opposition would really get after it and they could not be soft. Coley also barked at his receivers “GTS” every time they went up to catch a pass.
I have my own idea of what GTS may stand for but I would love to hear what you guys think this acronym may represent. There were no significant injuries on the offensive side of the ball. However, I did see Riley Ridley getting his hand worked on, but it appeared to not be a major injury and was most likely just a jammed finger or something minor of that sort.
Tray Scott was working with his defensive lineman of holding up blockers and hitting the gap where the running back was. Scott made a couple guys do the drill over because they left their block too soon and it seemed that could lead to the running back having the chance to adjust and hit another hole that would be left open.
Inside Linebackers were also working with holding up blockers and forcing running backs to run the ball where they wanted. It seemed there was a large focus on stopping the run in the open period today.
There were no notable players missing as Daquan Hawkins-Muckle returned and he was working with the defensive line. Rashad Roundtree was the only person I noticed not practicing, but he was there in street clothes. As of right now, it seems the Bulldogs will be completely healthy heading into their game against the South Carolina Gamecocks.


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