Georgia Football Practice Report September 4th, 2019: Tray Scott expects speed and excellence

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Georgia Football Practice Report September 4th, 2019: Tray Scott expects speed and excellence

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Athens, GA – Today the media was allowed to view practice for eight minutes, and the team was practicing in helmets and shoulder pads (shells). The heat index was 95 degrees, but it didn’t seem to affect the players as they pushed through it. Here are the notes from Wednesday’s practice:

Jordan Davis (99) during Wednesday's Practice, September 4, 2019
Jordan Davis (99) during Wednesday’s Practice, September 4, 2019


  • The defensive linemen were working hard as coach Tray Scott had them running sideline to sideline. During the period change to position drills, he had them running another drill.
  • Scott had the players line up, come off the ball, throw punches into the air, and then swiftly cut around a cone and tackle the dummy. The reason they throw punches into the air is to work on them getting the offensive lineman’s hands off of them so they can pursue the man who has the ball.
  • Tyler Clark (52) and Netori Johnson (72) were very impressive coming off the ball, and making the cut to tackle the dummy. Jordan Davis (99) was offsides once but had a good rep the next go-round.
  • Scott preached that the guys need to be fast off their feet, and find their way to the ball. He praised Antonio Poole (93) for his relentlessness in the tackling drill.
  • The linebackers were together during position drills focusing on finding what gap the ball carrier is running through. Inside linebackers coach Glenn Schumann had Nate McBride (22) and Quay Walker (25) repeating reps.
  • Cornerbacks and safeties were working together today. From what I could tell D.J. Daniel (14) and Tyson Campbell (3) were running in different rep heats. This battle will be interesting to watch over the next couple of weeks as things lead up to the Notre Dame game.


  • The running backs started off the period by practicing with the offensive line, quarterbacks, and tight ends. They were working on handoffs and running through specific gaps.
  • I saw a little bit of the read-option being practiced with quarterback D’Wan Mathis (2) and running back Brian Herrien (35).
  • When the team broke into position drills, I observed the tight ends working with the offensive line. Tight ends coach Todd Hartley had a tight end and offensive lineman line up against another o-lineman who posed as a d-lineman.
  • Charlie Woerner (89) and Andrew Thomas (71) lined up on offense, and Isaiah Wilson (89) lined up as the d-lineman on defense. The play broke and Wilson was unable to get to Eli Wolf (17) who was acting as the running back.
  • When Wolf lined up as tight end Coach Hartley told him he needed to keep his shoulders square and not sell the play. Wolf apparently missed a step as well. Hartley preached this yesterday as well.
  • I did not see offensive lineman Clay Webb (60) at practice today, but Jaramee Salyer (69) was getting reps with the tight ends today.
  • Cade Mays (77) was getting good reps snapping to Jake Fromm (11).
  • Unfortunately today we didn’t get to see the receivers much. They were off to the side running a drill by themselves.





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