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Georgia Football “Work Week” Practice Report

Jeremiah Holloman
Jeremiah Holloman

Georgia started “work week” on Tuesday with the same intensity as if there was a game on Saturday. The Bulldogs returned three key players to practice as the team practiced in shorts and pads. After two viewing periods, here are my three takeaways from “work week.”

Key Players Return From Injury:

Terry Godwin, Trenton Thompson, and Reggie Carter all returned to practice on Tuesday. Thompson returned after he missed last two games since he sprained the MCL in his knee versus Tennessee. Godwin went out against Missouri with a rib injury but seemed fine in practice on Tuesday. R. Carter received clearance to practice after he suffered an injury in the Tennessee game that Head Coach Kirby Smart didn’t disclose. However, the injury appeared to be a concussion.
All three practiced without noticeable restriction and there seemed to be no hesitation on their part; although, the practice was not full contact. Godwin ran through the drills and didn’t seem to wince or appear in pain at all. Despite R. Carter missing two games with his injury, he practiced without any problems. He seemed to be right back on track which could put him back into the mix to potentially start along Roquan Smith at ILB since Natrez Patrick could still possibly miss two more games. Patrick has already set out two games, Vanderbilt and Missouri, for his second infraction and violation of UGA’s alcohol and drug policy.

Work Week Calls for One-on-one Drills:


Ahkil Crumpton
Ahkil Crumpton

During period two, Smart had the team run one-on-one drills. He called out various players to compete head-to-head against each other to see who won the matchup. The team got into it and cheers rang out on each side of the ball. Here are the results of the one-on-one drills that I saw.
Elijah Holyfield (13) vs. Jaden Hunter (88): Winner Holyfield.
Ahkil Crumpton (16) vs. DeAngelo Gibbs (8): Winner Crumpton, but dropped the pass.
Isaac Nauta (18) vs. Nate McBride (22): Winner Nauta, and made the catch.
D’Marcus Hayes (78) vs. Walter Grant (84): Winner Hayes.
Trey Blount (14) vs. Richard LeCounte III (2): Winner Blount, but it was a bad pass.
Ben Cleveland (74) vs. #55 (Not listed on the roster): Winner Cleveland, and he just man-handled the defensive player.
Jeremiah Holloman (9) vs. Mark Webb (23): Winner Webb. He deflected the pass, which caused the defense to erupt in cheers.
Brian Herrien (35) vs. Monty Rice (32): Winner Herrien.

James Coley’s Period of Practice:

Wide Receiver coach, James Coley is one of the most vocal coaches on the staff. He kept his usual intensity up during practice on Tuesday as he had plenty to say. Mecole Hardman seemed to be his main target of the period. Coley told Hardman, “Don’t be getting all nervous before we go to Jacksonville, bro.” Then he told him, “I want to see your [explicit] speed.”
Then he told the unit, “good work, men, we’re getting it in man!” He held his group accountable for every drop and mistake and made sure to let them know how he felt about it. Most of his comments came during the receiver’s “snatch” drill they run. The purpose of the drill is to get the ball to the high point and put it away from the defender. Coley praised Javon Wims and Riley Ridley for their efforts during this drill. He yelled plenty of “Drives!” and “Bursts!” along with “I want you to open up and run with it!”

Bits and Pieces:

Smart had his team excited and motivated for “work week.” He made sure his staff kept the intensity high. Prior to the media viewing periods, we could hear Smart giving encouraging words to the team. I heard, “It’s not a bye week, it’s a work week,” multiple times from the head coach, and the players just fed off of it. Tuesday marked the only day the media gets to watch practice this week, but the team made sure to put on a show and give an intense one.
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