Georgia Offense keeps the Intensity During Wednesday Practice

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Georgia Offense keeps the Intensity During Wednesday Practice

Lamont Gaillard (65)
Lamont Gaillard (65)


Georgia moved inside on Wednesday as they continue preparation for the SEC Championship. Day three continued like the past two, intense and businesslike. Not much changed from Tuesday to Wednesday, however, the offense’s coaches vocalized a bit more. The only thing at the staff accepted was perfection, and that’s what the offense gave the coaches. Here are my three takeaways from Wednesday’s practice.


Receivers Physicality Excites Coley:

The wide receivers worked on physicality during the two brief media periods. James Coley had the unit run the snatch drill, and told them they, “got to fight pressure with pressure!” He yelled at them to be physical and push for what they want. Then, Ahkil Crumpton took a rep and got overpowered by the defender. Crumpton looked at Coley, and Coley set him straight quickly. He told Crumpton, “it’s the way the s— is.” Coley sent Crumpton back to the line, and the next rep he took, Crumpton physically handled the defender which sent Coley into an uproar. He yelled, “that’s what the f— I’m talking about! Get him the f—- off you!” Whatever Coley told them on Wednesday it worked. The wideouts looked physical and ready to face the Auburn defense.

Pittman’s Offensive Line Continues Fundamentals:

Sam Pittman continued to prep his guys for a tough Auburn defensive line. He used the chute as usual and kept all the drills to the same ones that we always see. Pittman complimented and critiqued all the guys on the line but really singled out Lamont Gaillard. He complimented him on his footwork and technical skills. The starting lineup seems to be the same with Ben Cleveland solidifying his starting position at right guard. Pittman stuck to the plan as usual, and that seems how it will be. There’s a process and Pittman’s group is bought into it.

Michel Gathers Team for a Meeting in Practice:

Prior to the media viewing period, I saw Sony Michel gather the entire team in a huddle. I’m not sure what the meeting entailed, but it seemed like he expressed some things the entire team liked. He spoke for about five minutes, and it seemed to perk the entire team up for practice.


Whatever he said, it shows just how powerful this leadership group is and how crucial it is to the team’s success. Without the leaders taking the initiative and talking to the team it would be left up to the coaches, and sometimes it seems like that doesn’t always work. These seniors came back to leave a legacy, and it seems like Michel is reminding the rest of the team.


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