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Georgia vs Alabama Staff Score Predictions

Hairy Dawg
Hairy Dawg

Members of the Bulldawg Illustrated team made score predictions for today’s SEC championship against Alabama. See what each member had to say.

Vance Leavy:

On paper, Georgia is still a year or so from catching the behemoth that is Alabama, but on Saturday the Dawgs shock the world and advance to the Playoff with a 27-20 victory.

Jeff Dantzler:

Dawgs 29-28





Murray Poole:

The Dawgs can absolutely take down the Tide Saturday but going by just the performances of the two teams this year, unbeaten Alabama has to be the pick to win this football game and continue its stride toward still another national championship. But the Tide is going to be pushed to the hilt by the Bulldogs before escaping with a 28-21 victory. And hey, even if Georgia can’t pull off this upset, the Sugar Bowl ain’t a bad consolation prize!

Greg Poole:

This is the most difficult game of the year to predict. While I am confident that the Dawgs CAN win this game, I am far less confident that they will. To me, Georgia is still one or two recruiting classes away from the kind of quality depth necessary to come out of a series with Bama with a winning record. Of course, the SEC Championship is a game rather than a series, but the odds lean toward the Tide.

UGA-31, Bama- 38





Han Vance:

Bama is a passing team now, and power running football always has an advantage over any passing offense. Georgia has the best rushing in SEC, wins 27-24 on a Rodrigo kick.

Hamilton Culpepper:

I’m a confident person, and it is lacking this week! This Bama team might the best ever college football team. A defense that is primed to stop good offenses and an offense that is unstoppable. It’s made for success and success against the Dawgs they will have. 34-24 Bama. We want UCF! Put them in their place!

Steve Conyers:

Tua Tagovailoa simply too much for the Bulldogs defense, Bama wins 41-21.

Savannah Richardson:

This was a tough week for me as I went back and forth on my prediction. However, I’m going with my gut with this one, Georgia finds a way. D’Andre Swift gets his 1000 yards on the season and scores at least twice. Jake Fromm keeps his composure, chops away at Alabama’s youthful secondary, and Georgia’s defense shows the world that Tua isn’t invincible. Kirby Smart becomes the first Nick Saban assistant to get the win, and what better way than on the SEC Championship stage.

Georgia has a big chip on its shoulder and finishes its mini revenge tour with a 42-35 win over Alabama and wins back-to-back SEC Championships.





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