Georgia’s Tuesday Practice Report: “We’re Machines Bro, Machines”

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Georgia’s Tuesday Practice Report: “We’re Machines Bro, Machines”

Defensive line coach Trey Scott motivates his players on Tuesday.
Defensive line coach Trey Scott motivates his players on Tuesday.

Georgia continued its high-intensity practice on Tuesday and may have even turned up the notch to another level. Head coach Kirby Smart pushed his team to go harder, stronger and faster than I’ve seen in weeks. Players mentioned how practice is almost harder than games, and after witnessing two quick periods on Tuesday I have to agree.



Riley Ridley makes a grab over the defender on Tuesday.
Riley Ridley makes a grab over the defender on Tuesday.

The offense continued business as usual. Jake Fromm and Jacob Eason continued to look spot on with their passes. However, the wide receivers stole the show today. Jeremiah Holloman and Riley Ridley scored praise from coach James Coley with their catches. Coley told Holloman, “You’re a *$%! machine!” and gave Ridley a, “wooooooooooooo.” The receivers coached stayed intense as usual and it rubbed off on the players. I didn’t see a dropped pass the entire period I watched.
The running backs worked on some cut drills then moved to a quick pass drill. Coach Dell McGee threw a quick pass and the back would cut up and run. The passes were similar to the catch made my D’Andre Swift during the Florida game. Tight ends worked on blocks and coach Shane Beamer showed them exactly what he wanted from them. The offensive line continued fundamental drills and double team work. Isaiah Wilson took a rep during a drill, and coach Sam Pittman complimented him on his efforts.
Georgia’s offense seemed healthy and no injuries took place while I watched. The Bulldogs as Coley hollered to the entire offense, “We’re $%*! machines, Bro! $%&* machines!”



Inside linebacker coach Glenn Schumann directs a drill.
Inside linebacker coach Glenn Schumann directs a drill.

Smart gave the defense a lot to think about, especially the defensive line. He told them, “South Carolina ain’t going through the motions today!” And that sentence took the defense’s intensity to another level! Defensive line coach, Trey Scott had his line going 150 miles per hour.
Smart antagonized the line while he watched and gave some “encouraging” words. He told the line that he felt like they were nervous because he was right there. Smart helped Scott coach through a drill and told Tyler Clark, “lower Tyler, lower Tyler!” He repeated these two words about five times and got louder each time he said them. Then came the line from Scott that has to be the line from practice; he asked his unit, “Who the $%*! is this line?” I like this a lot, it’s pushing the d-line to have an identity. I feel like Scott and Smart pushed for a higher intensity because the group gave up 183 rushing yards to Florida last week, and that is unacceptable.
Scott moved the d-line to the tackling machine and before the drill could start he yelled, “Break this $%*! thing!” He urged for his players to give more than they’ve ever given before. Similar to Coley’s wordage of being machines, I feel like Scott pushed for the same thing without saying it.
As for the rest of the defense, Mel Tucker voiced his opinion a little louder than usual to the defensive backs. The linebackers zoned in on each drill, and coach Glenn Schumann had the inside linebackers working on a drill with a tackling machine. Coach Kevin Sherrer worked on some fundamentals with his linebackers and voiced a few opinions himself.

Final Bits and Pieces

There were a couple scouts in attendance today, the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburg Steelers had two gentlemen out there observing. Both guys watched the running backs, linebackers, and I caught them take a glimpse at the quarterbacks too. Georgia had an assistant take two IMG Academy guys around practice.
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