Georgia is Focused on Improving Red Zone Performance

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Georgia is Focused on Improving Red Zone Performance

Tyler Simmons (87)
Tyler Simmons (87)

Georgia’s Tyler Simmons, like the rest of the team, is reportedly only looking at this Saturday’s game against UMass not the rematch with Alabama in the SEC Championship.

“It is about keeping everybody focused. We just have to stay focused and treat it like it is a regular SEC game,” said Simmons. “We can’t take anybody lightly.”

One thing that Georgia is using this week’s practice and game to work on is their performance in the red zone. Even though they beat Auburn 27-10, the Bulldogs failed to score a touchdown on three trips in the red zone, twice in the first half.





“We have a lot of plays to run in the red zone,” Simmons said. “I don’t know if we’re necessarily saving them, but I know we have a lot going on. It’s something we need to work on this week.”

Simmons has made a name for himself on special teams with his most famous play coming from the National Championship game last year.

Early in the third quarter of the game, Simmons went flying in to block a punt. He was incorrectly ruled offsides on the play, which would have given the Bulldogs the ball inside the Crimson Tide’s 20-yard line leading 13-0.  There began the saying that every Georgia fan knows and has probably preached: “Tyler Simmons was onsides!” Simmons said that he is reminded of that single play almost every day.





Playing on special teams was a new experience for Simmons when he arrived at Georgia in 2016. Although he said it didn’t take him long to buy into the idea.

“That’s something that was definitely different for me. Growing up, I was always the return man and everything, so that’s a little different,” he said. “But that’s definitely something that has really helped me get on the field.”

Georgia has progressed offensively since the start of the season but there is still work to be done before the highly anticipated game in Atlanta on December 1st. Simmons implied that it is a group effort not that of a just a few key players.

“I think everybody just buying in for the most part. Buying into to what Kirby has to what Coach Chaney has to what coach Tucker has and the game plan they have for us. From there, just executing it on the field,” he said.”

Georgia is set to face off against UMass in Sanford Stadium at 4 p.m. this Saturday.





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