Great isn’t good enough; the Dawgs want perfection

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Great isn’t good enough; the Dawgs want perfection

The Georgia Bulldogs are off to a hot start this season. Anyone can see that. Outscoring their opponents 130 to 10 is a great statistic, but that’s the problem. It’s just a statistic, and Coach Kirby Smart isn’t buying into the numbers. Judging from the way he talks, his team isn’t either. 

The team is winning in a manner that has opposing coaches saying that this Georgia team is the “greatest collection of talent” ever assembled. Well, Coach Smart had his own opinion on that, “He’s probably watching last year’s tape if he’s saying that.” Smart followed up, “We’re young. We got a lot of mistakes and a lot of things to clean up.”

Though the football world is astounded at the way Georgia has been beating up on its competition, Smart and his team still aren’t pleased.





In the offseason, Smart was quick to point out that this year’s team couldn’t be complacent because they were young, inexperienced, and didn’t win anything themselves. But now that they’ve won enough to be considered the best team in the country, it begs the question: how do you keep success from being a distraction? Smart said, “The tape does that…You watch the tape, and a guy didn’t do his job.” Behind closed doors the coaching staff is keeping the guys honest and humble reviewing film. Mulling over the good, but more importantly, the ugly. 

“There is no perfect defense or offense we’ve played… We got a lot of guys that need to improve…” Coach Smart is 100% focused on getting the team better, and you don’t get better by being satisfied. While the rest of the world oohs and ahs at what he’s built in Athens, Coach Smart had this to say, “They’re a success to you guys… Not necessarily a success for us.”

Truth is Kent State isn’t the last team that the Bulldogs plan on playing this year. There’ll be teams after that and teams after that.  They’re preparing for every game like it’s the national championship. Georgia has their eyes on the prize, so they’re doing their best to prepare for it.









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