Huck’s 10 Most Important Players – #8

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Huck’s 10 Most Important Players – #8

Sony Michel 3rd quarter rush - UGA vs. GT 28-Nov-2015 (Photo by Bulldawg Illustrated's Greg Poole)
Sony Michel 3rd quarter rush – UGA vs. GT 28-Nov-2015
(Photo by Bulldawg Illustrated’s Greg Poole)

Jacob Eason was No. 9 on the list and at No. 8 comes in someone who is going to be one of his best friends if he earns the starting job.
No. 8 on the list is Sony Michel.  In his two years in Athens, Sony has proven himself as one of the best pure football players on the Georgia football team.  No matter what he is asked to do he has the god given ability to do it at a very high level. 
During the 2016 season he will be more important to the Bulldogs than ever.  Early in the season his importance will be as a tailback.  While Nick Chubb is in the process of making a remarkable recovery, according to most accounts, Sony is going to be leaned on early and he is going to have to be productive while carrying an increased workload.  As Chubb improves his confidence, Sony is then going to be able to transition to the role where he is at his best and can make a massive impact on the team – the jack of all trades.
Sony is at his best when he can get between 15-20 touches per game from multiple positions designed to get him the ball in space.  While his versatility is what makes him special, his greatest talent is his ability to make people miss in the open field.  Sony has the “Reggie Bush like” ability to cut at full speed and stop on a dime.  When you combine that with his ability to power through arm tackles, that makes him hell to deal with.  Add to his skill special set Jim Chaney at offensive coordinator, who is known for devising creative ways to get the ball into his playmakers hands, and that means Sony is poised for a tremendous season.
His ability to be a dynamic, big play threat regardless of where he is lined up on the field is what earns him the No. 8 spot on this list. 

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Matthew “Huck” Pasek was born into a family of Georgia Bulldogs. Huck’s father, Gary, graduated from UGA in 1976 and became a high school chemistry teacher at Peachtree HS in Dunwoody, GA where he coached alongside Georgia High School football legend T. McFerrrin. Gary’s love of football, especially Georgia football, was passed along to his son. Huck lives in Belmont, NC with his wife, Whitney, and works in Financial Services Litigation. In his spare time he is an avid golfer, movie fanatic and habitual traveler to St. Simons Island with his wife “just to get away”. The moniker ImYourHuckleberry arose from his favorite movie, Tombstone, and character Doc Holiday’s famous line, “I’m Your Huckleberry”. Matthew was never one to shy away from a confrontation or debate, thus the nickname instantly stuck.

7 responses on “Huck’s 10 Most Important Players – #8

  1. IYH_BI

    Reddawg13 I think we are going to see Sony in the “Wild-Dawg” at QB with Chubb standing beside him and iMac in the slot coming across on the Jet Sweep….SCARY!!

  2. Reddawg13

    I am glad we have have a Sony of our owny! He will be extra special this year and I hope we see him in the slot some. Would also be cool to see him in with Chubb at times, talking about a DC’s nightmare! Great job again Huck! And don’t forget that 11th player, “Our Home Crowd!”

  3. DawgDaddy

    Good thoughts Huck, I like it that you say Sony will be hell to deal with as I agree 100%.