Huck’s 2018 Recruiting Class Superlatives

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Huck’s 2018 Recruiting Class Superlatives

Adam Anderson - class of 2018 OLB out of Rome HS
Adam Anderson


The Gladiator Award
Awarded to the most entertaining
player in the class:  Justin Fields (QB) —The physical traits are undeniable, but the heart and determination must not be overlooked. He is capable of putting the team on his back, making multiple spectacular plays and snatching victory from an otherwise certain defeat. Maybe one Saturday he will stand on the “G” at midfield and think – “Are you not entertained?”

Wolf of Wall Street Award
Awarded to the player Georgia rivals lament was paid: Cade Mays (OT) — This one is easy. When the Dawgs landed the commitment of the 5-Star offensive lineman, it left Auburn, Clemson and Tennessee fans screaming that Kirby Smart and UGA were paying everybody.

Unstoppable Award
Awarded to most unstoppable player:
Zamir “Zeus” White (RB) —  What’s that coming down the track? A mean machine in red and black! It is only a matter of time until Zeus recovers fully from his knee injury and once he does – watch out SEC. A transcendent talent, when White gets things rolling he won’t be easily stopped.

Any Given Sunday Award 
Awarded to the player with the brightest NFL future: Adam Anderson (OLB) — The most important players in the NFL are quarterbacks and players that can get after the quarterback. Adam Anderson has elite potential as a pass rusher and with his dynamic athletic ability he will be drafted high and play in the league for a long time.


James Cook
James Cook
Photo: Greg Poole/Bulldawg Illustrated

The Matrix Award
Awarded to the player who defies physics:
James Cook (RB) —  Overshadowed by Zamir White, Cook has flown under the radar in this class. He has the ability to accelerate to top speed in one step, cut at full speed and stop on a dime leaving defenders to grasp at nothing but air. The things that the young man can do with the ball in his hands defy all logic.


Back to the Future Award 
Awarded to the throwback player in this class: Warren Ericson (C) — The Dawgs were spoiled at center with the likes of David Andrews and Ben Jones manning the position. With the arrival of Warren Ericson in Athens, it’s like having another Andrews or Jones. While not the most physically gifted offensive lineman, he brings a mean streak and is a natural born leader.

The Titanic Award
Awarded to the most imposing players in this class: Jamaree Salyer (OG), Trey Hill (OG) and Jordan Davis (NG). One of the themes of the Class of 2018 was to continue the process of getting bigger and more physical in the trenches. With the signing of Salyer, Hill and Davis, the Dawgs added over 1,000 pounds of beef along the line of scrimmage. All three are guys you want getting off the bus first.

Avatar Award 
Awarded to player with best physical traits: Tyson Campbell (CB) — When searching for a shutdown cornerback you look for a combination of height, length, quickness, elite speed and ball skills. Occasionally there is a recruit that checks three, maybe four of those boxes if you are lucky. Campbell checks all five boxes and left recruiting analysts asking if he was created in a lab.

The Terminator Award
Awarded to biggest hitter in class:
Otis Reese (S) — The signing of Otis Reese finally gives the Dawgs another physical presence at safety in the mold of Greg Blue and Thomas Davis. When Reese arrives at the ball carrier, he does so with bad intentions and may send a few opposing players to the showers early.

The Godfather Award 
Awarded to the leader of the class of 2018:
Kearis Jackson (WR) —  From the moment Jackson announced his commitment to Georgia, he never wavered. He worked every waking moment on Twitter, at camps and on visits to convince other members of the Class of 2018 that Athens was the place to be. He must have made a lot of offers that recruits could not refuse.




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