ICYMI: Spring Practice Notes – March 31, 2022

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ICYMI: Spring Practice Notes – March 31, 2022

Kearis Jackson

Offensive Lineman – First team O-line was looking a little different today. Observing from the sideline of the indoor field, Xavier Truss was in for Warren Ericson at left guard, Devin Willock subbed in for Truss at right guard, and at right tackle, in Warren McClendon’s absence, was Amarius Mims. Warren Ericson was seen on the outside field practicing with the punt team, so maybe McClendon was there as well. If both Ericson and McClendon were just away helping with special teams, seeing Willock and Mims solidifies depth and their presence on the second team O-line.

Offense – Was mostly doing passing drills, some with wideouts and tight ends, with the same quarterback rotation: Stetson Bennet, Carson Beck, and Brock Vandagriff (top three).

Stacy Searels – Coach Searels was in full effect earlier today at practice. His voice could be heard across the field as he was berating redshirt sophomore Cameron Kinnie about his hand position when blocking. This is evidence of the teaching that center Sedrick Van Pran spoke up a week or two ago. Van Pran told the media Coach Searels is straight to the point with his players, and such behavior was evident today.





Fran Brown – Coach Brown was high energy at practice today. Loud and in the face of almost all the defense as different position groups rotated to participate in a moving target tackle drill he was overseeing. He wasn’t afraid to give praise or criticism to anyone, assuring that those who did the drill incorrectly were made aware of their mistakes and ready for the next rep. D-lineman, linebackers, and defensive backs wound up participating in this drill. 

Fran Brown’s drill gave light to the rotation of the defensive line and safety groups.

In order, the defensive linemen were: Jalen Carter, Zion Logue, Tramel Walthour, Bill Norton, Tymon Mitchell, Jonathan Jefferson, Nazir Stackhouse, Mykel Williams, Warren Brinson, Tyrion Ingram-Dawkins, and Shone Washington.





In order, the safeties were: Chris Smith, JaCorey Thomas, Malaki Starks (black jersey), David Daniel and Dan Jackson (also black jersey).

Jamon Dumas-Johnson, or Pop, stood out during his tackling drills receiving verbalized praise from the coaches.

Punt Team – During punt drills the team alternated between using the jugs machine and the early enrollee Aussie punter, Brett Thorson. First string punt-returner was veteran wideout, Kearis Jackson, and backing him up was early enrollee, CJ Smith who adorned a knee brace on his left leg. 

Kearis Jackson did well fielding punts, but CJ looked a little lost out there. He dropped one punt, and always seemed a bit confused tracking the ball in the air. The coach manning the punt returners had to call his name multiple times to get him onto the field and away from sideline and his teammates. CJ boasts speed and a lengthy frame, but if he wants to play to the fullest of his ability, he has to work his way up, and for Kirby, that way up is special teams. 

Miscellaneous – Former Georgia running back, Prather Hudson was seen on the sidelines for practice. During his Pro Day a trusted source says he’s coming back to work as a graduate assistant with the team. 

Tight end Darnell Washington, offensive lineman Tate Ratledge, and wide receiver Mehki Mews were seen in indoor practice facility off to the side, present and dressed for practice, but not participating. Darnell still had his scooter.

Vic Burley, a five-star defensive lineman in the class of 2023 was present for practice and closely observing Tray Scott and the defensive line.





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