Injury bug bites Jalen Carter: third year defensive lineman is expected to miss next week or two

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Injury bug bites Jalen Carter: third year defensive lineman is expected to miss next week or two

It’s sad but it’s true. Third-year All-American defensive lineman Jalen Carter has fallen victim to the injury bug. What began as an ankle issue that Carter has dealt with since Week 1 versus Oregon has now stemmed into a larger problem after he endured a controversial hit to his knee while being the recipient of a cut block. Carter can’t catch a break.

While engaged in a Missouri offensive lineman, another lineman attempted a cut block on Carter’s left leg and made contact with his knee. This event led to an injury that eventually had Carter laying on the ground to receive help. 

The Georgia faithful swears this was a dirty hit. A lot of people have mixed feelings about chop blocks and the way people go about doing them. Some were even expecting a penalty flag after that play. 





Through all that, Coach Smart said that he “talked to the official during the play,” and the official thought it was a legal play. Regardless, Smart said, “I’m hopeful that we can keep our players safe, do what is within the limits of the game and the rules.”

The injury is expected to be MCL related, and according to Smart, Carter will probably be out for the next week or two. So what does that mean for this team?

Well, prior to injury, Jalen Carter was a top-10 lock for the NFL Draft. Plenty of analysts have placed first round labels on this young man, and some went as far as to predict that Carter would be the first non-quarterback off the board. 





Even as the Bulldog nation is saddened by such a talent not being able to see the field, Carter’s spirits have remained high. He’s “still laughing” and likes to have fun according to senior DL Zion Logue.

Though he has a reputation for being on the quiet side of things, Jalen Carter most definitely has a reputation for letting his presence be known on the line of scrimmage. Until then, it’s a “one man down, next man up” mentality according to his teammate and fellow defensive lineman Tramel Walthour. 





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