Isaac Nuata Humbled by His First Season as a Dawg

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Isaac Nuata Humbled by His First Season as a Dawg

Isaac Nauta turns downhill
Isaac Nauta turns downhill.


Isaac Nauta spoke to the media for the first time on Monday since Signing Day last February. Throughout the interview, he talks about his relationship with Jacob Eason. Along with talking about how he as a player grew throughout the season with help from some the older guys. He also mentions a favorite memory.

On His Quarterback:


Jacob Eason (10), Isaac Nauta (18) and Jackson Harris (88)
Jacob Eason (10) and Isaac Nauta (18)
Photo: Greg Poole/Bulldawg Illustrated

Both Nauta and Eason early enrolled last January, giving them the chance to begin working together.
“That definitely helped a lot. We worked with the team, but we also worked just with ourselves, we would go to the field, and we throw and just kind of get some of that chemistry down. We got to work on it at the Under-Armor All-American game. So we got a pretty early jump on it, and we just continue to work hard in practice and keep trying to build up chemistry,” Nauta said.

Mentored by the Older Guys:


Junior TE Jeb Blazevich (83) congratulates freshman TE Isaac Nauta (18) on his TD reception
Junior TE Jeb Blazevich (83) congratulates freshman TE Isaac Nauta (18) on his TD reception

One of the things Nauta mentions is how guys like Jeb Blazevich and the rest of the tight ends showed him the ropes.
“Oh, those guys have been great. All those guys are very unselfish, and you know they taught me a lot when I came in. We all had a learning curve but what those guys know, Jeb taught me a lot of things in route running, and he’s a great leader. Jackson was already playing his freshmen year, and he was able to give me some tidbits. I’m just grateful for those guys that they were there to help me.”
Blazevich helped the young tight end in another area of his game this season; how Jeb helped him adjust to college ball.
“Really the biggest thing Jeb’s taught me is how to work. He comes in with a great attitude every day, and you know just works his tail off. That’s something I’ve been able to pick up off him and continue to do myself, so more than just telling me things; he’s been a good leader by example,” Nauta said.

Humbled Player:


Issac Nauta in the Dawg Walk
Issac Nauta in the Dawg Walk

Issac Nauta came to Georgia as a highly rated tight end, and people expected greatness from him early on. Nauta mentioned throughout the interview how this year was one a time of growth for him as a player.
“I found out very quickly I had a lot of things to work on and you know I embrace those challenges and just continue to get better every day.”
As for what he thought about his first season, the tight end said:
“It’s been good, and It’s had its ups and downs. It definitely exposed some weaknesses in my game, and you know some tricks in my game. So you know just being able to learn from it and get better through the course of the year has been a good thing for me.”
Isaac talked about his “welcome to college” moment:
“I probably say Tennessee when I had to block Derek Barnett; that’s a pretty good player right there. But you know just overall. Another moment is my first pass in the Georgia Dome, and I dropped it and that moment was like man, wish I could have that moment back. I had a lot of fun you know, I had a lot of ups and down. I did a lot of good things, did a lot of bad things, so I’m just looking to improve and get better every day.”

Becoming A Leader:


Isaac Nauta with the big catch and run
Isaac Nauta with the big catch and run

Nauta was one an early enrollee for the Bulldogs back in January, which gave him a jump on the other freshmen that didn’t come in till over the summer, and put him in leaadership position.
“I definitely got to step into a leadership role for the younger guys coming in because you know I had that playing time early. So I just have to continue to lead and teach guys that come in. You know, show them how we want the culture to be around here from here on out. That’s something Coach Smart’s trying to instill, and we’re all buying into it. So I’m excited for the future,” Nauta said.
And what has been Nauta’s favorite memory of the season so far?
“Probably my first touchdown at Tennessee. I went for 50 yards or something like that, and I didn’t think that my first touchdown would be for 50. So that was a pretty exciting moment for me,” Nauta said.
Here is the entire interview with Isaac Nauta.


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