Javon Bullard is glad to be playing for a “beautiful” Georgia defense

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Javon Bullard is glad to be playing for a “beautiful” Georgia defense

There were quite a few Bulldogs that left the program for the NFL last spring, so naturally you’d expect the guys that stayed to step up and fill the holes they left behind. Of all the Dawgs that were expected to rise to the occasion, not many were thinking about second-year defensive back Javon Bullard, and quite frankly neither was he.

Bullard has been one of the outstanding defenders the team has seen amounting 36 tackles, 2 pass deflections and 2.5 sacks. And even though he’s found so much success this year, he refuses to take much, if any, responsibility for it. He credits Coaches Smart, Muschamp and Schumann and the game plan that they implement for the success he’s had on the field. 

Coach Smart has a reputation for recruiting guys with good backgrounds, and you can really see it in Bullard. He remained humble when asked about what he’s thought of his production so far this season saying, “I feel like it’s more so in the game plan than actually me coming off making plays myself,” in an interview on Tuesday. 





The Baldwin County native told us that he didn’t even see himself having this big a role around this time last year. Bullard just put trust in “God’s plan” and stayed the course. 

“I feel like we all have a story that we– you know what I’m saying– we need to fulfill,”

he said.





Listening to him talk it seems like he is genuinely happy contributing to what he calls a “help me help you” defense, where everyone is relying on each other to get the job done. He grinned when discussing the unity of the team and explaining that when everyone is executing to the standard it’s “beautiful.”

Javon Bullard is just glad to be here playing for this team in this city. He’s one of the many incredible stories that make up this 2022 Georgia Bulldog team and contributes to the culture of connection that Coach Smart has spent so much time building. 





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