Javon Wims: From Point Guard to Starting Georgia Receiver

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Javon Wims: From Point Guard to Starting Georgia Receiver

Javon Wims (6) - UGA 20 - Notre Dame 19 - Saturday, September 9, 2017
Javon Wims (6)
– UGA 20 – Notre Dame 19 –
Saturday, September 9, 2017

Javon Wims spoke to the media on Wednesday about what brought him to Georgia. After only playing one year of football in high school, the senior from Miami, FLA. spoke about how his dad encouraged him to try a different route. 

Football was never Wim’s game, he preferred a court versus a field, however, everyone in his family knew that football would eventually be his calling. The 6-4 receiver played point guard for his high school basketball team and didn’t focus on football until his senior year.

“I only played my senior year,” Wims said. “I been playing basketball my whole life.”

However, Wims said that his father forced him to return to the football field. The push that his father gave him was just what Javon needed.

My dad kind of forced me to go back. I wasn’t going to play it but he forced me to do and I am glad he did,” Wims said, with a chuckle. “But he gave some encouragement to go out there. He told me, you don’t want to leave any stones unturned. You never know what could happen and he was right.”

Wims is in his second season with the Bulldogs and it seems his father was right. After the first two games, he is the leading receiver with 116 receiving yards on five catches with a touchdown. However it wasn’t just the tough love that pushed Wims to continue football, but an another piece of advice his dad gave him.

“He just told me something that stuck with me,” Wims stated. “[He told] that there are a lot of 6-4 point guards out there that do everything you do, but there aren’t a lot of 6-4 receivers out there that can do what you do.”

The senior took the junior college route after only playing one year to sharpen his skills. His raw talent took him to Hinds Junior College, where Wims said he learned the important fundamentals of being a receiver. He said that his position coach Dwike Wilson did an outstanding job with him to ensure his success. That fundamental work that Coach Wilson implemented would later bring him to Georgia.

I think that the coaches did a good job developing me at JUCO,” Wims said. “Especially my position coach, Coach Wilson did an outstanding job and everything he instilled in me.The coaches here brought it out in me and they just picked up where he left off.”

Far removed from his days in Miami and Mississippi the senior receiver is making a name for himself in Athens. He is growing into the receiver his father knew that he could be one day. Wims made a crucial catch to help Georgia defeat Notre Dame last week with a 31-yard reception. And when asked what kind of play that was, Wims just grinned.

That was a ‘do what the team needs play,” Wims said with a grin. “We needed it and I am glad that it was going to give us momentum.”

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