John FitzPatrick says “it’s competition every single day” for UGA’s TE group

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John FitzPatrick says “it’s competition every single day” for UGA’s TE group

John FitzPatrick (86)
– UGA practice No. 10, Tuesday, August 13, 2019 –

With the departure of Isaac Nauta to the NFL and Luke Ford transferring to the University of Illinois, that meant it was time for the next group of players on the roster to step-up at tight end for Georgia. After senior Charlie Woerner, that meant players like redshirt freshman John FitzPatrick.

On Tuesday, after UGA concluded their tenth practice of the 2019 Fall Camp, FitzPatrick talked about the tight end group for the Bulldogs and knowing he is stepping into a bigger role this season for the team.

“Knowing that you’re going to be counted on is exciting. Being next to two veterans in Eli [Wolf] and Charlie, then growing with Ryland [Goede] and Brett [Seither] and the other tight ends— it’s a fun group,” said John FitzPatrick. “It’s a competition every single day. Coach Hartley is pushing us throughout every single day— ‘Run to the ball. Finish, finish, finish!’ It’s fun.”

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FitzPatrick said that Woerner has been preaching to him and the rest of the tight ends that they need to “bring their best every single day.”

“Charlie’s always looking after us, and he’s always preaching to us to bring the best every single day so having him up front, and then teaching us like how to go about things and practice and whatnot.” said John FitzPatrick.

And having veterans like Woerner has helped FitzPatrick learn and grow from last season to this one.

“I’d say redshirt year was a big learning year. Just having Jackson [Harris], Isaac [Nauta], Luke [Ford] and Charlie [Woerner] right next to me, I learned so much,” said John FitzPatrick. “Last year was a big learning year for me also just the learning the playbook and whatnot. I feel like I came in like not as ready and not strong enough last year. I took that year as a big step learning step to get bigger, faster and stronger. Coming into this year, I know the playbook so I can just go in and not think about that.”

You can watch John FitzPatrick‘s full interview from Tuesday by clicking on the video below.

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