Jordan Jenkins hopes to avenge the “most heart-breaking loss of his career”

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Jordan Jenkins hopes to avenge the “most heart-breaking loss of his career”

Jordan Jenkins
[su_spacer size=”20”] Linebacker Jordan Jenkins had a great start to his 2015-2016 campaign as he was able to get a sack, which further adds to his career sack total. Jenkins is the active SEC leader in sacks and hopes to add a few more as the Bulldogs take on the Commodores in Nashville.
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Jordan Jenkins has been a Bulldog for a few years now and was a part of the last Bulldogs team that played in Nashville against the Commodores. That UGA team left the Tennessee state capital with a bad taste in their mouth, after losing a very close game to them with a score of 31-27. When asked about how it felt to walk of the field after this game Jenkins had this to say:
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That definitely was a hard loss for me. I hate losing away games; I hate losing games period. Just to lose it the way we lost it, it definitely hit me deep. That was one of the most felt losses, most heart breaking losses in my career.

[su_spacer size=”40”] However, when asked if the prior loss to the Commodores would be his motivation, Jenkins made it known that he won’t let the out come of past games change how he prepares for future games but that he will still be amped up for this game.
[su_spacer size=”40”] Jenkins later was asked about this game and it’s importance as the first SEC game. Jenkins definitely saw that as a key point to be excited for this game as he responded with this.
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First SEC game, definitely ready to see how you compare to other teams in your conference. Ready to get back to SEC football.

[su_spacer size=”40”] Jenkins later complimented the athletes at Vanderbilt and how they are able to use a lot of motion to their advantage and how they have a very mobile quarterback who can create plays. Jenkins said that he saw a lot of things that would test the Bulldogs mental focus, in this upcoming game, so the Bulldogs would have to prepare thoroughly in practice for this game.
[su_spacer size=”40”] Jenkins addressed how many players at Vanderbilt are from the state of Georgia and how many of them will be playing with a chip on their shoulder this Saturday because they will want to show out for the home state. Jenkins and the Bulldogs have a tough game in Nashville ahead and will prepare physically and mentally in hopes of gaining a W.
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