JT Daniels Postgame Interview – Georgia vs. Mississippi State 2020

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JT Daniels Postgame Interview – Georgia vs. Mississippi State 2020

On why it has taken so long for him to get this opportunity … 

“First of all, thank you. But yeah, you said it right there, that is not my decision. I’ve been getting healthy,  getting as many reps as I can with the scout team, trying to get with the receivers as much as I can, making  sure I know the playbook, and just getting ready. It feels really good. This is the first time I have taken a  snap since August 31, 2019. I am now in a whole other part of the country and I couldn’t be happier and  more appreciative to Coach Smart, Coach Monken, and this whole team.”  

On when he started to feel comfortable … 





“That is a great question. First with the knee and confidence, I really haven’t had much struggle with  confidence and my knee. To be honest with you, I think some of that comes with playing the quarterback  position and us not being asked to do all too much that would put a knee, especially a right knee, my back  knee in that much discomfort, or be put in a position that I feel like I would hurt it again. It has just been a  progression over time. I am feeling a lot better. I feel really good in terms of knee health and overall body  health. In terms of emotions, in the end on the victory formation it started to sink in a little bit. But, it still  really hasn’t yet that I have been able to play football again. I just feel a lot of gratitude, for my family, for this  team, for this coaching staff, and for everyone helping me get back on my feet.”  





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