Juwan Taylor “I Just Love to Hit”

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Juwan Taylor “I Just Love to Hit”

Juwan Taylor during his post-Vanderbilt game interview 2017-Oct-07
Juwan Taylor during his post-Vanderbilt game interview 2017-Oct-07

Juwan Taylor has stepped up for the Bulldogs in his new role of starting inside linebacker, and his big hit ability, which he says he acquired at a young age, has definitely played a role in that.

Taylor is probably not someone that many Bulldog fans are very familiar with, but he is starting to make his presence felt on the field as he has taken on a new challenge of being the Bulldogs starter with both Natrez Patrick and Reggie Carter out. Teammates have highlighted Taylor’s big hit ability as something he definitely brings to the table week in and week out.
You would think that this is something Taylor learned as a high school or even collegiate athlete, but he credits his brother for making him tough at a much younger age.

“Ever since I started playing the game, I just loved to hit and every time I hit somebody, like, I don’t know, it’s just a feeling I get, it’s like an adrenaline rush,” said Taylor. “I’ve been playing football since I was four.”

Taylor went on to credit his older brother Clarence Murphy, who played linebacker and defensive line at the University of Maryland, for roughing him up when they were younger and making him tougher. Taylor should be praised for the effort that he has put in for the Bulldogs this season and his ability to step up in a tough situation is noteworthy.
The junior inside linebacker went on to say that he could not remember what his all-time favorite hit of his football career was because he has hit so many people since he began playing football. Although he has only started a couple games for the Bulldogs this season, if he can continue to perform and show off his big-hit ability, then he may continue to see a large role in Georgia’s defense.



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