Kirby: Leadership Is Still In Question After G-Day

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Kirby: Leadership Is Still In Question After G-Day

Kirby Smart


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Leadership skills can be taught, but for leaders to emerge, individuals must take up the mantle and step forward. Coach Smart addressed the issue after the G-Day game:
“Yeah, you never stop with leadership. I mean, we lost a huge void, but it will never — even if we didn’t lose a huge void, we would be trying to replace leadership. Any time you have, you can lose leadership. These kids have embraced it. We are not where we need to be from a leadership standpoint. If you said, are we there? We are not even close. We have to develop that in May, summer, conditioning. We have to push the envelope with how are we going to get guys to confront and demand other guys. We are not where we need to be and you know what, we have to learn from some examples that other guys set because those other guys are remarkable when it comes to leadership. It made our job as coaches easier.”
“…The biggest thing that we didn’t do this spring is find out who we are and who are our leaders and I’m not sure we know exactly who those leaders are yet. We know who they are supposed to be, but are they willing to assume the role, because it’s going to be forced on them.”
Luckily, the team has until August to sort out those leadership issues.


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