Kirby Smart: “Full Load at Wide Receiver”

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Kirby Smart: “Full Load at Wide Receiver”

Bi’s Vance Leavy asked coach Smart about the injuries at wide receiver and how JT Daniels is progressing with so many injuries at the wide receiver position.

Smart war direct with his answer:

On Jermaine Burton and Kearis Jackson participating in the scrimmage…

Jermaine (Burton) and Kearis (Jackson) both went today and practiced. We’re pretty much full load there at wide receiver. Those guys all got to practice, compete and get better. It was good to have Jermaine out there because he had missed some time in our camp and spring practice as well.”

On JT Daniels getting quality reps…

“JT has for the most part had good rhythm with the guys. You can make excuses all the time, but people get injured in football. You go play with the guys that are out there.  They got to throw all summer, so all the guys were out there all summer. Some of the guys were in and out during camp, but I don’t know any team in college football that doesn’t (get injuries).   In terms of some guys in, some guys out based on pulls, ankles and being banged up.”

Here is the question and reply:









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