Kirby Smart: “I Remember A lot of Trick Plays”

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Kirby Smart: “I Remember A lot of Trick Plays”

Isaiah McKenzie (16) with a spectacular catch - Georgia vs Auburn 12-Nov-2016 (2)
Isaiah McKenzie (16) with a spectacular catch and Kirby Smart with the same intensity.

Trick plays are something that tends to get Georgia Fans talking. When the team uses one in a game, it’s a shock, especially when the execution works. However, the latest attempt during the Auburn game fell flat.
Kirby Smart addressed the topic of trick plays in his press conference on Tuesday, and what makes them so unique.
The question of the trick play came up when Smart addressed what he meant by seven-out-of-seven times.
“No, we watch film and I’ve watched seven teams complete that pass. So like we might be watching Mississippi State play Kentucky, and Kentucky would complete that for a two-point play. Then I would watch another team play Nicholls State and see them complete that. So I’ve seen it seven different times completed this year,” Smart said.
Another question brought up whether he used the call as an indication of concern for Georgia’s red-zone offense scoring.
“No, that doesn’t have anything to do with it. That to me is one of them trying to be aggressive. Thought it was there and thought that everybody would sell out on the run with Terry [Godwin]. And it didn’t happen, and didn’t make a great decision with the ball, but just thought they were good plays. It wasn’t like, oh god, we’re struggling in the red zone, we got to trick ’em, that wasn’t the case, it was just I thought it was a good play call and it didn’t work out,” Smart said.
The other looming question didn’t have to do with Georgia, but rather Smart as a defensive coordinator.
“Yeah! The last play of the Auburn Game in 2000, whatever year it was. I mean consider that to be a little bit of a trick play. Auburn hit us on a wildcat pass where they had thrown back to the quarterback; the quarterback threw it for a touchdown pass in 2009. 2014, at home, trick plays tend to stick in your memory. Um you try to prevent them by staying home and being discipline, but they happen a lot. You know, I got on another by Auburn on a sprint out throw back to Lutzenkirchen. That probably cost us the game the year they won the National Title. So um, I remember a lot of trick plays,” Smart said.


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