Kirby Smart on Scott Sinclair: “He’s Built Confidence in our Players”

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Kirby Smart on Scott Sinclair: “He’s Built Confidence in our Players”

Scott Sinclair
Scott Sinclair
Photo: Greg Poole/Bulldawg Illustrated

Kirby Smart spoke highly of UGA’s Director of Strength and Conditioning, Scott Sinclair, during his press conference on Monday. The head coach is confident in Sinclair and believes he understands what it takes to win in the SEC. Smart says the players build confidence through Sinclair and his staff. He says they see the gains they have made through the process of the program and know it’s helping them on the field. 

Sinclair has plenty of experience as he held the same position for three seasons at Marshall University before he accepted the position at Georgia. Smart said that he understands how unique the SEC is. Sinclair and his staff motivates the team and convinces them to do great things.

“He’s built confidence in our players. I think they recognize they’re stronger than they’ve ever been,” Smart says. “They see that in their gains, in their body weight. As far as his experience in this league, he really didn’t have much experience in this league. I do think that part is somewhat overrated because I think if you’re a good strength coach, you’re a good strength coach. I don’t think it has to be your understanding of this league. This league is very unique in size, speed, toughness across the offensive lines and defensive lines. I think he understands that. He’s coached good players before. He’s been places before. He and his staff do a great job of motivating our players, but also convincing them they are stronger, they are more physical by the way they work in the weight room.”

Experts label Georgia as different this season and part of it comes from the improvements in the weight room. Sinclair’s staff convinced the team they are stronger, more physical on the field because of the way they work in the weight room. Whatever Sinclair tells them, it’s working.
For Kirby Smart’s full press conference, check out the YouTube clip below!


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